Saturday , September 22 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Palestine between slogans and Iran swimming in Arab blood

FOR the past 70 years, the Palestinian case has only been receiving statements of condemnation and meetings that never ended with realistic resolutions from Arabs and Muslims. Resolutions issued by the United Nations Security Council or the United Nations General Assembly are usually vetoed by the United States of America …

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Iraq returns to its Arabism

TWO years ago, it would have appeared true if one of the Mullah regime leaders claimed that Iran controlled four Arab capitals. However, the elections in Iraq squashed the Iranian fantasies. In fact, it has put the Mullah regime in a confrontational test with its previous claim that its interference …

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Abdullah the Second no to regime toppling

WHEN the volcanic lava of the ‘Arab Spring’ started to fl ow, some chaotic groups bet that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will be within the circle of fire. Hence, the media related to such groups focused on everything happening in Jordan in order to magnify it to show to …

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Booby-trapped Arab polls

RECENTLY, three countries in the region conducted elections – two parliamentary elections and one municipal council elections. In all the cases, the turnout was low. This is a clear indication of how voters are disgusted with anomalous political practices which have prevailed in recent years. They affirmed their rejection of …

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Interpellation or tools for disruption and settling scores

AFTER the renewal of confidence in Minister of Oil and Minister of Social Affairs, it did not take long for some MPs to wave a new interpellation against His Highness the Prime Minister. It seems as though Kuwait is logged in a muscle-flexing match of parliamentarians who are supposed to …

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Mullas’ regime will bow and be defeated divinely

FINALLY, the rope is around the neck of the Mullah regime. This time, it is an American cowboy who is tying it in a manner almost similar to the hanging of outlaws in the 18th and 19th centuries in America — by tying them to a tree while sitting on …

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Riyadh, let do and let pass

PERHAPS, the policy “Laissez faire et laissez passer” (Let do and let pass) is applicable in the interpretation of the decisions endorsed by the Saudi leadership to jumpstart diversification of sources of revenues and eliminate the unrealistic image of that country, which is rich in natural resources and minerals, and …

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The 3rd Reich to Mullah Republic … end is same

WHEN Khomeini succeeded in overthrowing the Shah of Iran in 1979, he lifted the slogan “Advancing until Jerusalem”. However, throughout the last 39 years, the bearing of the Mullah regime has been shifting between Arab and foreign capitals without turning even once towards Jerusalem. Its last destination was the West …

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In order to avoid recurrence of Iranian Versailles crisis

THE nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers is not different from the Treaty of Versailles signed in 1919. This treaty did not last for more than 20 years before Germany managed to revive itself after the Nazis took over power in the 1930s. They remilitarized the society and …

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Muhammad the Sixth … maker of peace and development

CONSIDERING the keenness of King Muhammad VI for peace, development and unity of Morocco, he has been working for the past many years on making the issue related to the Moroccan desert his top priority. His persistence rendered the United Nations Security Council to issue a historic resolution last week, …

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