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Saturday , March 23 2019

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Egypt will not be bitten twice by ‘Brotherhood’

WHOEVER imagines that Egypt can be reversed to willingly submit itself as a victim to those who desire to make the country an easy prey …

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Houthi’s Abraha

WITH the Houthi’s attempt to bombard the Holy City of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles, the era of searching for …

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DAESH new Middle East

FOR the past six years, “DAESH” has become a ‘magnet’ wherever it shows its face in the Arab world, and Western countries with Iran continue …

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‘DAESH’ fiction … lies of major countries

SUDDENLY, the world is preoccupied with the so-called ‘DAESH’ organization which managed to occupy, in no time, a large part of Iraq and Syria. It …

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Political slogans will no longer change us

JUST after one of them registered his name on the list of election nominees, we started hearing waves of campaign promises, starting from organizing traffic …

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State, people for ‘one vote’ system

MAKING unnecessary noise or fake promises or echoing slogans to entice voters as part of political acting at their expense just to reach the Parliament …

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Fraudsters’ concealed agendas exposed … battleground is here

UNDOUBTEDLY, the coming election will be different from the previous one in terms of formation and context, because the changes that occurred in the last …

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A fiery speech from field King

IT IS NOT strange for King Mohammed VI to direct, in his speeches, sharp criticisms at central interests and different constituents in the administratively decentralized …

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Ingratitude is Kuwait’s glitch … rescue us O Amir

O HH the Prime Minister, question: Are the owners of palaces and beautiful villas with private gardens in Abdullah Salem, Yarmouk, Qurtobah and other areas …

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Yusuf bin Alawi, Omani ‘wisdom’

The Sultanate of Oman follows a consistent regional and foreign policy that strives toward peace and averting conflicts — through which the country has earned …

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