Saturday , September 22 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Trump … welcome to the country of determination and hope

WELCOME, the United States of America! Welcome, the US President Donald Trump to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the gate to this region and the Arab and Islamic worlds. With the new American president’s first overseas trip starting with Saudi Arabia, there are many issues that we ought to …

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Jaber Al-Mubarak as never seen before

IT was a successful timely step taken by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to expound, in a long televised interview, the problems facing the country and the means that can guarantee their solutions. The people of Kuwait are in dire need for such explanations from the top …

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Suicidal revolutions of Arabs

“REVOLUTION to the last cent”, “Soul and destruction of the last house” – these words could sum up today’s situation in the Arab world following the complete destruction of countries that fell in the trap of the so-called “Arab Spring” when political forces were taken over by zeal that led …

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How Saudi changed US policy traditions

HERE is Saudi Arabia, a country with strategic roles! Through it, paths towards the future unite. Through its pragmatism and use of facts, it calmly sets up policies, not through slogans or emotions, which are the bases for policies in majority of Arab nations. That is why May 24 will …

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With El-Sisi we crossed dark seas

WE SAY welcome to Egyptian President Abdelfattah el-Sisi who is currently our august visitor, not only in Kuwait but the entire GCC countries. These countries shared the experience of crossing dark seas during the significant, historic and difficult era when the monsters of extremism and expansion tried hard to drown …

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Mullas’ Zarif admits the crime

IRAN’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, during a seminar at the diplomatic relations academy affiliated to his ministry, described the storming of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran early last year as “somehow foolish and historic betrayal”. In one way or another, this late confession to the crime represents an important change …

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Mohammad Bin Salman … Saudi is fine and camel will not die of thirst

MANY issues affecting people in the region — Saudi Arabia, Arabian Gulf and Arab world — require clarification by a government official at the level of Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense Prince Mohammad bin Salman. This is the reason why he spoke at length to clear the …

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May cauterization be the last remedy O His Highness

IT IS the right of Minister of Finance, who is responsible for the state’s finances, to express his fears concerning how far matters will reach if the situation remains the same in terms of political and economic negligence. Such a negligence caused by wrong parliamentary methods are based on showing …

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Israeli ‘Brotherhood’ and Egypt the victim

THERE is an international agreement for fighting terrorism and drying up its financial sources. Even Israel, which is practicing a system of various standards, has declared its commitment to this agreement. Nonetheless, it is known through leaked documents by various non-Arab bodies about an indirect cooperation between the Muslim Brotherhood …

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Al-Barrak’s speech … No consolation for sparrows and their dreams

THE zeal in Musallam Al-Barrak’s tone cannot overshadow the rationality in the way his speech was phrased and the calmness in the way he dealt with major national issues. If this means anything, it means that this man has realized the concept of “if you want your demand to be …

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