Monday , October 22 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

When Palestinians lost their country because of divisions

AT THE beginning of the tenure of every president in America, France or Britain; there is always a bold headline, “Peace in the Middle East,” followed by a multitude of behind-the-scene initiatives, but the situation in Palestine remains unchanged. Today, US President Donald Trump renewed his slogan by sending envoys …

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Mohammed Bin Salman … Careful pick of aides a key administrative technique

WHEN the era of oil began, Saudi Arabia’s economic policy was based on the principle of ensuring the present generation enjoys oil resources, while other minerals constituting huge resources were left for the incoming generations so only a very insignificant part was used. However with the drastic transformation being witnessed …

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Mohammed Bin Salman … Tongue, intelligence determine human quality

A YOUNG MAN from Hijazi responded to Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz, when the Caliph asked why somebody who was older than him did not speak: “The quality of a man is determined by his heart and tongue”. Although the adolescent of that era was mature, subsequent experiences affirmed that a human …

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The first victims of their own lies

SOME think that people will believe the lies they fabricate. It is really funny whenever those who fabricated lies turn out to be the first victims of their own lies. Among this kind of people is Asha’ab who is mentioned in Arab history. He used to tell lies and believe …

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Abdul-Mutaleb: The house has a Lord protecting it

WHEN Abraha Al-Habashi planned to demolish Ka’aba in 569 AD with the intention of making Al-Qalais in Sana’a the place where people perform Hajj, Allah Almighty sent a group of birds (Al-toyour Al-Ababeel) to protect His house. From that day, the Abashi leader did not understand the importance of a …

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Lord, don’t judge us with the actions of fools among us

AUGUST 2, 1990 is a sad memory we have been living for the past 27 years. The incident has never been forgotten, while we will never forget how HH the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad lost his smile for seven months. He did not smile until he stepped on the …

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‘Defenders of traitors’ are like those running from heat to fire

EXAMPLES of fate befalling those who betrayed their countries abound in history, whether in the ancient or modern era. For instance, Abu Raghal guiding Abraha Al-Habshi to the Ka’aba with the intention of using elephants in the house of God was a symbol of treachery, so people stoned his grave …

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Administrative revolution of Mohammad VI

THE speech delivered by King Mohammad VI during the 18th anniversary of his ascendancy to the throne could be regarded as a first class administrative revolution statement by all standards. It massively shook political parties that took upon themselves the representation of people in the Parliament, so the Morocco of …

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O’ Palestinians … whoever covers himself with the quilt of others will get cold

FOR 15 restless days and nights, the people of Jerusalem resisted bravely until they broke the blockage at Al-Aqsa Mosque. While Jerusalem was begging for support of the Arab and Islamic world, her voice has gone with the wind of Arab-Arab disputes calling to mind the ancient wars (Dahes and …

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Yes, Kuwait is not police state

THE medical rule says, “Prevention is better than cure.” This rule is applicable to the mission of a journalist whose duty is to avert danger by using information obtained from his own sources. This is exactly what ‘Al-Seyassah daily’ has been doing. This attitude is based on the belief of …

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