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Tuesday , December 11 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Human rights on Europe’s streets

By Ahmed Al-JarallahEditor-in-Chief, the Arab Times Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times WHEN the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ uprising broke out in 2011, the European countries like France started warning the Arab countries against repression of human rights and urged them to respect the will of the people. In fact, these …

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Who will save Lebanon from ‘Hezbollah’?

TWO hundred days have passed and Lebanon has yet to form its executive authority. According to the Taif Agreement that ended the civil war in Lebanon, the executive authority is the ruling authority after stripping the presidency of its power. The absence of the executive authority in Lebanon is complementing …

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Continuance gathering is a symbol of wellbeing

THE periodic summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) will take place on Sunday amid the uncomfortable atmosphere – whether the media campaigns launched by various bodies or evil efforts exerted by certain parties to cripple the security and stability of GCC countries. Their evil objective is to achieve what …

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From Khosrow to Hulagu to modern Tatars … Baghdad always victorious

PERHAPS, the geographical and strategic curse made Iraq the center of greed for old and modern nations. Iraq has witnessed many occupations and blockades for several centuries. After every onslaught, Iraq stood up, dusted the sand of miseries and embarked on a journey towards rebuilding itself. However, it does not …

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Political adolescent and 1986 lesson

UNDOUBTEDLY, the current political atmosphere in Kuwait is unhealthy in various aspects.  For instance, the Parliament deviates from amending outdated laws and from its proper oversight mandate. Instead, we see it soaking in the circle of frivolous interpellations which hamper each State institution and perturb the political life of the …

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Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad enlisted the services of the marabout ‘Brotherhood’ who snatched his government and banished him

HISTORY abounds with lessons on how countries change from one situation to another, and how a ruler should protect his country against dangers. The story of Al-Mu’tamid Ibn Abbad, ruler of Seville and Cordoba, is probably a lesson needed by some Arab nations that seem to be striving for self-destruction …

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Dreams of Turkish bats

SINCE the beginning of the crisis, we have said that acts fabricated by Turkey against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are part of a drama series which will not end until Ankara exhausts the political bourse, and the leadership is convinced that it cannot reach the target it has been …

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Qaboos’ symphony of human and country’s development

THE Sultanate of Oman is celebrating its national day amid progressive development which has been continuing for the past 48 years. Throughout this period, the country recorded the highest rate of integrated development in human resources and construction, and balanced foreign policies which are based on constructive cooperation with all …

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This is Kuwait and these are Kuwaitis

INDEED, adversity reveals the quality of people. The effort exerted in facing the recent unprecedented rainstorm was the actual expression of the people of Kuwait who usually unite in adversity like fingers holding a sword, motivated by strong faith in their nation and their ability to overcome difficult challenges. Everyone’s …

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Gaza … Iranian-Israeli post office

TEHRAN’S idea of escaping forward through Palestinian blood being spilled in Gaza is no less hideous than the escape of the Israeli government from internal problems. The most pressing among these problems is the investigation being conducted on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a corruption scandal. Both situations involve a …

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