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Friday , September 17 2021

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Your Highness the Prime Minister, yes to amending the Public-Private Partnership law, get rid of all is well as long as you are on our good side

FOR how long will this empty vicious circle of not relying on a serious plan of action continue? Will selectivity pull Kuwait out of its …

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Your Highness … this is how the budget deficit is covered

TO begin with, we hope that His Highness the Prime Minister will have the time and patience to contemplate these lines, and not pay attention …

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Mohammed VI … government of prosperity

THE only reason for the Muslim Brotherhood Group’s structure to collapse so quickly is not the conspiracy against it as claimed by its followers, but …

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Authoritarian evil mentality expelled Iraqi Einstein, flooded the ‘reading nation’ with ignorance, illiteracy and sorcery

A WHILE ago, I came across a story of the world renowned physicist Albert Einstein. The story dates back to 1922 when Einstein was invited …

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King, people alliance cements Moroccan democracy

MOROCCO’s parliamentary and municipal elections concluded last week, thus ending the chapter of the populist discourse of the Islamic factions that had benefited from the …

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Your Highness, let go of former heads of government’s robes, flowery speeches slowly kill aspirations of youth

THE recent speech of His Highness the Prime Minister seems to have brought joy to the hearts of the people of this country who are …

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Tehran … and ant’s dreams

AS long as the Mullah regime’s mindset is like those living in a cave of utter darkness, its members will always assume that all fingers …

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Prevent eccentrics from looting Kuwait’s funds

FRUSTRATION engulfs the people of this country whenever they hear the news about the financial crisis, which has destroyed many dreams of young people who …

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Arab revolutionists, Yemeni Marshall Plan

DID the revolutions in the Arab world develop any society or state? Did they replace one kingdom with another, or with kings who are so-called …

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Constitution is not Qu’ran … amend it and fix the situation

THE executive authority plays the Constitution restriction card, and feels the need to refer matters to Parliament whenever the economic and social crisis in the …

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