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Saturday , April 20 2019

Legal Clinic

Monthly pay slip

When you leave your work place and transfer to another employer, should the visa transfer processing fees be shouldered by the employee or the employer? …

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Nurse faces problems

I was hired by a local clinic on Sept 1, 2013 and started working as a nurse — although I did not have the Ministry …

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Change in Job Designation on Work Permit

I have done a Bachelors in Computer Science (BSC) and the certificate has been approved and attested by Ministry of Justice. Can I use the …

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School Transport

I am a regular reader of Arab Times, especially the Legal Clinic and I truly appreciate the service. In past you have answered my queries …

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Settlement by cheque

Please advise if it is a must for a company to pay by cheque an employee’s final settlement dues? If the due amount is very …

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Transfer visa

From April 2007, I have been working in Kuwait for a private company. My residency is on an Article 18 project visa, that project has …

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I joined my current employer on June 6, 2011. I got a termination notice from the company on 4th April 2016 with the notice period …

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School working hours

I work in a private school in Kuwait and my nationality is British. My school (employer) is increasing my workload. I would like to know …

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Annual Leave

We have a number of queries related to calculation of leave salary and leave entitlement of our company staff. We would also like to know …

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Transfer from Commercial visit visa to Work Visa

I have been given a commercial visit visa by a company in Kuwait. Can it be transferred to work visa once I arrive in Kuwait. …

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