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Friday , December 6 2019

Legal Clinic

Resigned after 3 years – Indemnity & transfer issue

I resigned from my previous company after working for 3 years and 2 months to be exact. I resigned in June this year. I just …

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License cancelled due to change in designation – Have to wait for 2 yrs to reapply

Initially I got my divining license in 21/9/2014 with the job title of driver but then I got a job in different company which changed …

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Documents for dependent visa

I read your legal clinic everyday and thank you for all queries answered. I am one of the thousands wondering and seeking for help. Here …

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Stubborn Boss of the company refuses to accept resignation and local transfer

My friend has resigned but his boss has not accepted his resignation and local transfer. He is working for more than 9 years with that …

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Transfer of wife’s residence from Father to Husband

Hi there I am a bit confused of your advices to some people in regards of transferring their wives’ residence. I am attaching a copy …

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Indemnity calculation

First of all, thank you very much for your good legal advice. My current company has terminated me. My salary is KD 300. I have …

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Annual leave calculation

I have already mailed my question but it didn’t get published. Now I want to make sure that my mail reaches you. My question may …

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Driving license withdrawn

I was on engineering visa for a previous company. I have changed my company while my designation on the work permit has been changed to …

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Transfer problems

I’m new to Kuwait and was working in the private sector until recently. During my probation period, the company decided to cut expenses and terminated …

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Rent increase – Approach Rental court if the landlord increases the rent before the expiry of current contract

I am staying in a 1-bedroom, hall, kitchen flat and the contract will expire on June 30, 2017. Please advise what maximum rent can be …

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