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Visa for baby

I need to apply for a dependent visa for my newly born first baby … my wife already has a dependent residence, valid until 2017. Both of them are in India now, and during my wife’s residency I had our marriage certificate attested by the Kuwait embassy in India. Note: …

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Company trying to cheat on Indemnity

I joined my current company on April 4, 2000. At that time the company had several projects so company got my residence done on one of their projects. After five years — in June 2005 — my company transferred my residence to the sponsorship of the company. When I asked …

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Dependent visa for Infectious disease person

I have the following important question: My wife has a Hepatitis C minor, can she get a dependent visa? Name withheld Answer: According to Kuwait’s Health and Interior ministries, if any person has Hepatitis C he is not allowed to get Kuwait residence. This is true for almost every infectious …

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Contract problem with holiday time sharing company

I requested by e-mail and also visited personally — within two days — a holiday time sharing company, located in Kuwait to cancel a contract signed by me for KD 2,600. I had paid KD 300 in advance. The company now says that the contract cannot be cancelled and that …

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Health benefits

I am an American male married to a Kuwaiti female. At a hospital/ clinic we were told by an employee that because my son’s mother is Kuwaiti, we could make appointments during the day like a Kuwaiti, and for health benefits only, his file would be treated as Kuwaiti. Then …

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I read an article on self-sponsorship on the following link: http:// on-residence-sponsorship-wedding- halls-expats-half-too-many/. Can you please detail the full procedure on how to apply for this facility and obtain self-sponsorship? I was born in Kuwait and have been living here for over 30 years. Also, what are the requirements? …

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Rent not collected by Haris – Now we have received court notice

I have been residing in a flat for the past 16 years starting Sept 5, 2000, and have been paying my rent on time. The attached rental agreement is dated 01/02/2012 and runs for five years until January 2017. According to the contract, I am required to pay the monthly …

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NOC for Pakistan visa

On the following link (which carries an article) you have mentioned that we can try to get an NOC from the Ministry of Interior in Sharq for Pakistani Visa (http://www.arabtimesonline. com/news/visit-visasfor- pakistani-nationals/) Can you please tell me the address of this office from where I can get the NOC? Name …

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New visa procedure

Firstly, we would like to say that as always you are doing a great service by explaining to us all the procedures and rules in Kuwait. I really appreciate your help in understanding the complex laws of Kuwait. My question to you: I am currently on a different visa and …

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Flat rent increased but amount on contract much higher

As an expat I appreciate your free legal advice column in the newspaper. Today I have the following question: My concern is about our flat rent. We’ve been staying in the same flat for almost 16 years now. Recently the administrator informed us that the rent will be increased from …

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