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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Legal Clinic

Govt Project visa transfer to same sponsor

I am working in Kuwait as coordinator on a government project visa. Since I was hired from abroad on a government visa the new rules won’t allow me to transfer to a private sector directly irrespective of the number of years I have worked in Kuwait. There are, however, some …

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Single mother (divorced) sponsoring child

I have the following question for the Legal Clinic: I am a single mother (recently divorced) and my son’s residency was sponsored by my ex-husband. My ex-husband recently left Kuwait forever. I want to know whether once the residency expires whether I will be able to sponsor my child. I …

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What to do if company file is closed and employees residence is effected

I have heard that as some big companies are not paying the salaries of their staff, the relevant ministry has started “holding” or “closing” the companies files for visa processing. This action ultimately affects the employees not the employer. So many employees living with their families are affected by the …

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Harris is behaving badly – Water supply cut off

I am living with my family, including small children, in a building in Abu Halifa, for the last 15 years. I am paying rent regularly in the first week of every month. During this time the rent has been increased several times and I agreed to the increase every time. …

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Wife Pregnant, Can I get Visa for Mother-in-law?

My wife is pregnant and is in Kuwait on a dependent family visa. Can I bring my mother-in- law (53 yrs) to look after my wife until the delivery? Is it possible that I can get a 3-month visit visa? My salary is above KD 500. What are the documents …

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Validity of Residence for Family – Currently on 3 months temporary residence

My wife and two kids have valid family residency till May 2017 and now they are in their home country on vacations. They will return to Kuwait in September. Now I’m on a 3-month temporary residence and it is going to expire on July 20, 2016. My company is going …

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Part Time Employment

I am really thankful to the legal department of the Arab Times as I got a prompt reply — through the Legal Clinic column — to my previous question. I am seeking one more clarification through this channel, please help. We are in search of “sales executives” for our shipping …

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Updating work permit

I am requesting your assistance for the below problem as it is affecting my career … due to lack of a driving license. I am working in my company as a sales executive since 2013 and my salary was 450 when I joined. Currently I am drawing KD 625 as …

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2 Civil ID number

First of all, I would like to thank you for your noble service in providing legal advice to desperate expatriates. My son was born in Kuwait two months ago. When I got the birth certificate, one civil ID number was mentioned on it. When I paid for the Ministry of …

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Factory visa transfer & Parents don’t meet salary requirements can the baby delivered in Kuwait

I would really appreciate if you can help me with the queries I have mentioned below. 1. Is there any upcoming rule that we can transfer factory visa to company visa even if the employee has not completed 3 years. 2. My wife is expecting a baby this year. Both …

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