Saturday , November 18 2017

Legal Clinic

Transfer project visa

I have come to Kuwait on a project visa, Article 18. I have been working in Kuwait for 2 years … my project is still functioning … but can I get a transfer to a private company ? I was trying to find out the right resources to get a …

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Annual leave – 30 days per year

I joined a company in 2012 and am currently working in the same company. In 2014, I had taken leave for 2 months — February and March — which was my eligible leave balance from 2012 and 2013. Now I am planning to go on vacation this November, and I …

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Leave Salary – Person terminated during probation

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times and the Legal Clinic is very useful for expatriates like me. I have a query related to leave salary if a person is terminated during probation. I was terminated during the third month of my probation period. I would like to …

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How to avail Birth Certificates for those born in Kuwait

Both of my children were born in Kuwait and I also got their birth certificates from here. Now I seem to have misplaced these documents and need them for my children’s admission to a local school. What is the procedure to get a duplicate birth certificate for a child born …

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Cheated by Agent

I am a trained teacher from Ghana with eleven years of teaching experience. I also have certificates in banking and cashiering. Just recently, I was told by an agent that I could get a teaching job in Kuwait. I didn’t know there were differences in the visa. When I arrived …

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Bank Loan

I am from India and have been working in Kuwait for the last 2 years. Currently I have a KD 5,000 loan from one of the local banks. The loan is already “10 months old”. I am getting the installments plus the interest deducted on a monthly basis from my …

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Rent Receipt

We have been living in our new apartment for a year. The rent is paid via bank transfers or through the KNET. Suddenly, our landlord has stopped issuing rent receipts to us for the past 3 months. Should we go to the rent court over the issue? Name withheld Answer: …

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Indemnity in ministry

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times… could you please answer my queries on the following subject. I have been working with a ministry, in an office job, for the last 7 years on a second contract. If I resign by end of this year, how much will …

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Annual & Sick Leave

I am working in the HR department of one of the private companies in Kuwait. One of our employees took one months annual leave and during his leave period he was sick for seven days and he bought the documents for the sick leave. As per the Labor Law, will …

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