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Husbands visa cancelled – Daughter is still having valid residence

My husband’s visa was cancelled on Aug 18, 2016 and my daughter sponsorship is to my husband’s residence as a dependent. Now my daughter is in our native country. We are planning to bring out daughter to Kuwait. I checked the MoI (Ministry of Interior) online service that showed my …

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Queries on transfer of Project visa

Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to the Legal Clinic staff of the Arab Times newspaper for the genuine answers provided on most labor related issues experienced by the expatriate community here in Kuwait. You have been a great help in resolving a lot of the issues/ queries …

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Encashment of unused leave balance

I have unused leave balance and am entitled to leave encashment on my resignation from the company. What would be the salary that I will be getting for my unused leave on resignation? Would this be the basic only or last drawn salary including accommodation and travel allowances? Please provide …

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No parking facilities provided by building owners

I am staying in Abbasia. Here none of the building owners provide parking facilities. After the Municipality completes the checking they construct rooms on the ground floor with the basements rented out for commercial purposes. Everyone has to park their cars either on the foot-path or the road side. As …

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Working hours after Maternity Leave

How many hours should I work after maternity leave (my normal duty is 8 hours + 1 hour break = 9 hours) I’m a working woman and my baby is 3 months old. I just want a clarification on a Kuwait law. — Article 25 — according to which “a …

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Delayed Newborn residence

First of all, I would like to thank you for the nonstop legal advice. Once I asked you some questions … I followed your advice and my problems were solved. For the second time I need your advice. I failed to get residency for my newborn baby in time (60 …

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Eligibility for yearly bonus

I had been terminated by my company. Can you let me know whether I will be eligible for the yearly bonus? Name withheld Answer: First of all, it depends on the clauses of your contract. But more importantly, normally such bonuses depend on completion of the whole year and still …

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Dependent visa for new born for Parents who don’t meet salary requirement & exempted

Q1. I am here in Kuwait on a dependent visa. Now I am 8 months pregnant. My husband’s salary is below 450 KD. I heard there is new law for dependent visas with the minimum KD 450. Will be possible to get residency for my new born baby in Kuwait. …

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Salary on work permit is creating issue for dependent visa

I’m working in a company as a structural supervisor in Kuwait from April 14, 2016. As per my contract (1 year) my monthly salary is KD 515 (10 hours) but on my work permit it has been mentioned as only KD 351 (8 hours). Due to this salary difference on …

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Landlord is asking me to bear half the cost to install a new compressor for central AC

I have been living in the same flat for over 12 years. Recently the compressor of the central A/C stopped working. The landlord is asking me to bear half the cost to install a new compressor. The rent is KD 240 and he wants to increase it to KD 300. …

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