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Thursday , November 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Expose breach of contract

I am currently working in Kuwait, under contract. I’ve lived here 10 months and have been exposed to several episodes of concern, which I’d like to report. My employment contract outlines the following. We would like to offer you below benefits with daily 8 working hours, 6 days a week: …

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Dependent visa for baby

I just want to ask for help with regard to my baby born in Kuwait. I want to get a dependent visa for him, but my salary is KD 100 and my wife’s salary is KD 650. What should I do? My sponsor is ready to increase my salary to …

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Renewal of driving license rejected

I got a driving license in Jan 2014 with Engineer designation. In 2015 I joined another company, unfortunately my new company changed my designation to supervisor. My license expired in January 2017. After I tried to renew it at the Muroor they told me I could not renew it. Now …

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Indemnity calculation with annual leave

I had an inquiry regarding indemnity calculation but unfortunately I did not receive a reply for my previous mail. My question was as follows: I have been working with my company since Dec 10, 2012 and I placed my resignation in Dec 2016 and the company accepted and gave me …

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Transfer from Family visa (22) to Private visa (18)

Please advise whether the below news is genuine or not. General Department for Residency Affairs has issued a decision to prohibit residency transfer from Article No. 22 (family visa) to Article No 18 (private sector work visa) for expatriate women. The decision also stipulates cancellation of residency of expatriate women …

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Sponsoring wife and transfer from Fathers residence to Husband

I am working as a nurse under a private contract with a monthly salary of KD 300 and at present staying in company accommodation. My wife is in Kuwait under her father’s residence. Is it possible for me to transfer her residency to mine? Will I get family residence since …

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Lifting ban on Pakistani nationals visa after visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

I would like to ask about the news on lifting ban on issuing Kuwaiti visas to Pakistanis, as announced recently during the meeting of Pakistani prime minister and Kuwaiti officials. Moreover, I would like to know when it will be official? As I am curious about its implementation. Because, I …

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Want to bring wife and children on dependent visa

I have been working here since December 2013. My basic salary is KD 400. I am working here on a Civil Foreman Visa. Now I want to bring my wife and children on dependent visa. Is it possible for me to bring them? Name withheld Answer: No, you cannot bring …

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Project visa transfer

I am writing for the purpose of getting a clear understanding and guide from you very end. I was hired abroad under a government project visa. I have been working for almost 3 years now here in Kuwait. My company notified me that my contract project is already finished. Now, …

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Pakistani citizen wants to work in Kuwait

I am a Kuwait born Pakistani citizen and my father served Kuwait Air Force for more than 25 years. We came to Pakistan in 1999 due to higher education of me and my siblings. Meanwhile, Kuwait imposed visa ban for Pakistanis. Now I’m an engineering graduate and have been working …

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