Thursday , September 20 2018

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Driving License transfer from Gulf countries to Kuwait

Can you please advise on the legality of driving license transfer from Oman to Kuwait as I am working as secretary with KD 250 salary. I have a valid GCC driving license from Oman issued in 2015. Name withheld Answer: As per Traffic Law Articles and Provisions, Executive Regulation No. …

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Residence for New Born questions

Me and my wife have been working in Kuwait for 8 years and we are holding visa Article 18 (work permit). My wife’s salary is KD 500 and mine is KD 250. We recently had a baby in Kuwait but we are having problems getting a visa for our son? …

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Fixed-period contract

I am working in a private company and my contract is a closed end contract (I can’t leave the company during the contract period). In a closed contract, is there any time period to inform the company or I can inform the company that I don’t wish to continue only …

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Visit visa for child

Me and my husband are working in Kuwait. My salary is KD 300 and my husband’s salary is KD 110. Can we bring our 3-year-old daughter to Kuwait? Can we convert a visit visa to dependent visa. Can we combine our salaries. Name withheld Answer: You can bring the child …

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Factory visa transfer

I have one doubt: my current visa status is Article 18 but its mazara (factory). Is there any possibility of converting it into company visa? Name withheld Answer: According to the latest laws you can’t transfer a factory visa to a private sector company visa. Kindly send your queries to …

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Driving license cancelled – I want to apply for a driving license again

I got my driving license in 2013 and at that time my visa was under Article 20 and in June 2014 I cancelled my visa and went back to my home country. I returned to Kuwait on an Article 18 visa (work permit) in November 2014 as a technician. The …

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Kuwait Labor Law

I am working with a Korean company, having different subcontract works under government projects. I would like to get a few clarifications about some points: 1. Terminated employee left Kuwait without employer’s permission/ without visa cancellation which can be considered as absconding. He worked only 6 months under his one …

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Letter of resignation

Dear sir, what is the limitation for a letter of resignation to be accepted? For example, if a letter is given to the employer on the 1st of August, how long can the employer take to accept it? Can he accept the letter after 2 months when the notice period …

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Bringing wife on dependent visa – Salary below KD 450

I have been working in Kuwait for the last 4 years as an engineer. My salary is KD 350 and have an engineer’s visa from the company. Can I bring my wife from India on a dependent visa? Name withheld Answer: I’m afraid not, as the minimum required salary for …

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Is there any chance of changing visit visa to family visa?

I have a question about the new rules? I am working in Kuwait with my basic salary KD 400. My wife is also on dependent visa. My baby was born in India. She was 4 months old when she entered Kuwait on a visit visa, before the new rules came …

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