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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Legal Clinic

Release for New comers to Kuwait – Private sector

Query 1: I am from India working with a private company in Kuwait for the past 8 months. If i find a better opportunity can i resign and join the new company after my notice period, as i believe there would be release issues in 8 months. Query 2: Some …

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Driving licence linked to residence

I came to Kuwait in May 2007, and in 2009 I went back to India and came back within a week with another company as engineer with salary KD 600 plus. I got driving licence in May 2010 valid till 2020. I resigned in February 2011 from the second company …

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Legal age to work in Kuwait

I have a question regarding the change in residency. I am 19 years old and soon going to turn 20 in the month of October. I completed my 12th grade and I am doing my BBA course in Kuwait. But, I would like to work and study together to take …

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Umrah visa to Saudi Arabia for expats on visit visa in Kuwait

I am working in a private company. My visa is #18A and I am going to apply visit visa (3 months) for wife and child next month. My question is that, can they travel to Saudi for Umrah (pilgrimage visit) under visit visa? If yes, please provide further advice. Name …

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Indemnity and Salary for terminated employee

I have been here in Kuwait for the past 4 years. Have completed my Masters in Business Administration post completion of Graduation Bachelors in Technology (computer science engineer). Would be glad if you could assist me on below scenarios. Have joined a company in August 2017, post probation period my …

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NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineers to renew driving license

I am a civil engineer working in Kuwait, I have a valid driving license and my Iqama is based on the Civil Engineering Profession. My driving license is going to expire on 25/01/2019, but my Iqama is valid up to 22/1/2020 and I am a member of KSE. My question …

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Requirements to obtain a driving licence

I want know if I am eligible for a driving licence with following credentials. 1. Salary on the work permit KD 600. 2. I am graduate in B.Com and my degree certificate is attested and translated. 3. I am a resident since January 2012 in Kuwait and working in my …

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How many months Mother-in-law can stay on visit visa? – Wife pregnant

My wife is now pregnant and I want her to deliver in Kuwait hospital. I and my mother in law have come to Kuwait and staying here for the last three months so that she can take care of the new baby but now her visit visa is only for …

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Salary requirement to obtain dependent visa

How much salary is required to obtain family visa in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: To apply for a family visa, the husband has to earn a monthly salary of KD 450 or more. Under Kuwait law, it is only the husband who can sponsor the wife and children on family …

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Exemption from salary to apply for driving license

Apologies if this is repeated. I tried searching your archives guess I didn’t do a good job searching. My question is quite simple. I am an accountant, the same is mentioned in my Iqama, I earn about KD 400 a month. And I have been in Kuwait for over two …

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