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Wednesday , February 26 2020

Legal Clinic

Want to leave company before 3 yrs of completion

I entered Kuwait on May 7, 2018. Now I have another job offer with a good salary package. I am a university degree holder, so …

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Is 3 months notice period mandatory to resign?

If a company terminates employees with 3-month notice, is the employee bound to complete the 3-month notice period or can he leave early in case …

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Engineer wants to change designation due to KSE NOC issue

I have been working as an engineer in Kuwait since November 2015. I got driving licence in April 2016 valid till April 2020. My current …

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Transfer of Visa 22 (Dependent) to 18 (Private)

I am currently on Visa 22 and has been in Kuwait since December 2018. I want to start working in Kuwait soon. What are the …

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Cancelling of Family Visa and sending family back

I am an engineer and staying with my family on permanent visa. My current company is transferring me to a Saudi project. My Kuwait visa …

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Does Accountants position requires card from Accounting & Auditing Society Kuwait?

Here is my case, I join a new company where my iqama transfer is in process, my designation is Muhasib on my old iqama and …

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Change in designation from Sales Manager to Sales Agent will it effect my driving license?

Initially I got my driving licence on Sept 1, 2015 with the job title of Sales Manager (Mudeer Mubiyat) with salary of KD 650 but …

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If my company opposes my transfer then what should I do?

This is my second company in Kuwait. My contract started on 07/04/2019 ending on 7/04/2020. So, my question is whether I can take transfer now …

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Visa transfer for a local hire

I came to Kuwait in 2012 on Article – 18 visa and since then I changed three companies until 2016. In 2016 I joined government …

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Filipino married to a domestic visa holder how to transfer to family visa

I would like to inquire and seek advice regarding a matter. I married a Filipino lady in Kuwait just recently and her visa is No. …

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