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Thursday , November 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Fear of loosing driving license if NOC not granted from Kuwait Society of Engineers

I am a civil engineer and my licence will expire in November 2018 and visa needs to be renewed before May 23, 2018. As per new engineer visa renewal if I do not get NOC from Kuwait Society of Engineer and my company extends my visa in any other category, …

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No need for Computer programmers to register in Kuwait Society of Engineers for NOC

I am BSc degree holder and my designation is Computer Programmer on work permit. As per new policy do I need to register in Kuwait Society of Engineers to renew my work permit or only engineers need to register in KSE. In this policy only for public sector or private …

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Applying for death certificate from Embassy – Family member/relative/friend

I would like to thank Arab Times for giving guidance to expat community on legal matters. I am an Indian and my father died 7 yrs back in Kuwait, we have misplaced his death certificate issued by Indian Embassy and now for legal matters need for having original copy has …

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Getting dependent visa for child

I and my wife are working here in Kuwait. We are both on visa 18. We have a baby who was born in Kuwait. Later I sent the baby to my home country. Then after two years we brought the baby to Kuwait on a visit visa. Now the baby …

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Transferring from company visa to project visa

I am working on a govt project as an industrial nurse for the last 3 years. But I came to Kuwait on farm visa in 2012. After I completed one year I changed to normal shoon visa (company visa). Now I got a good offer in a company, is it …

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Status of family visa if sponsors cancels his residence and comes back on new visa

Currently I am in Kuwait on a project visa. I came here first on a visit and the company transferred me to their project file in 2012. Later in 2016 I got another job and I changed my visa to current company project file. Now I found another job, but …

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Loan shark operations in Kuwait

I am looking for a legal advise as I am facing serious problem due to lack of my passport. I am residing in Kuwait since November 1998 and working in a private company. I took a loan of KD 2,000 from a private loan lender on 4th July 2017 at …

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Time limit to re-enter Kuwait on new work visa

Is there any time limit to re-enter Kuwait on new work visa after cancelling my current work visa? Name withheld Answer: No, there is no time limit. You can re-enter Kuwait anytime your new work visa is ready.   Kindly send your queries to arabtimes@arabtimesonline.com or admin@arabtimesonline.com Kindly go through …

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Graduate Engineer – Can I change job after one year

I am a graduate engineer. All my certificates were attested with Kuwait embassy. My doubt is can I change my job after one year? Current company recruited me from India. I heard that the degree holders can change the job before 3 years of service. Name withheld Answer: No, you …

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Sponsoring wife on dependent visa

Can I sponsor my wife with KD 400 monthly salary + KD 100 allowance in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: No you can’t, because the law says that to sponsor someone on a family visa you should be earning a monthly salary of not less that KD 450 which should reflect …

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