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Tuesday , October 22 2019

Legal Clinic

Civil ID Numbers

My family stayed in Kuwait on an  Article 22 (dependent) residence  from 2002 to 2012. In July 2012, I  cancelled my family’s residence  and handed …

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Change in designation for Engineer- Driving license

I received my driving license for Kuwait in May 2008, and was living in Farwaniya governorate. I am an engineer. I moved to Hawally governorate …

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Indemnity Calculation if you resign

First of all, I would like to thank you for your free legal advice to many expatriates here in Kuwait. My inquiry is as follows: …

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Release Problem – Company filed false case

My problem is that a few months ago I asked the company where I am working for a release and they agreed on the condition …

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Wife’s residence expiring one month before mine can i apply for renewal?

I would like to inquire about my wife’s residency. Her residency is expiring in March and my residency is expiring in May. Can I renew …

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Indemnity not paid

I would like to inquire that if a company does not give indemnity to an employee, what should that employee do? And which supporting document …

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Visit visa duration

My brother-in-law will enter Kuwait on 1st March 2016 at 9 am on a family visit visa which is valid for “1 month”. He is …

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Bank loan problems

I wish to change my job and I already have an offer letter. I had taken a loan 3 years ago from one of the …

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Shepherd visa transfer

I have read the Arab Times Legal Clinic article on transfers from a “ shepherd visa”. First of all I would like to thank you …

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Driver to supervisor change in profession – Driving License

I have problems with my driving license and as such I need a solution to overcome these problems. My driving license was issued in 2015 …

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