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Thursday , August 22 2019

Legal Clinic

Company demanding 3 months salary for early release

I was hired from the Philippines and worked in a Company for about four years. I went for emergency leave due to some family matters, …

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Bank loan taken – Exiting Kuwait

I am writing this email to ask about a legal matter. I have a loan with a bank in Kuwait and I have plans to …

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Driving license for Diploma holder

I would like to know whether I can apply for a driving licence. I am in Kuwait since 2017 and getting KD 650 salary mentioned …

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Seeking employment at other place after 1 yr for degree holder

I am from Bhutan and was hired from my home country. I have been working for them since Jan 2019 and on paper the contract …

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KSE membership interview

I have a query due to which I got stuck up. It shall be very helpful if some one answers me. I am basically a …

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Release from current company

To get release from my current company, as per Kuwait law, how many years do I have to work with them? Name withheld Answer: If …

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If I change my designation from engineer to supervisor will my license get cancel or not

I have been in Kuwait since 2004, I got driving license in 2014; now I have visa up to November 2019, my license expires on …

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Sponsoring parents on dependent visa

I am an Indian employed in Kuwait (for over 7 years) and currently undergoing long drawn divorce proceedings with my wife in Indian courts. My …

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Time-frame to return back to Kuwait after cancelling visa

Please help me… Sir I am in Kuwait now. If I cancel my visa within what time-frame can I come back to Kuwait? Name withheld …

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Salary requirement for family visa

I work as senior financial analyst in a private company. My salary is KD 600 per month and KD 250 is house rent allowance. Am …

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