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Reduction in visit visa number of months

I saw one news item on Arab Times about reduction of duration of visit visa from 3 month to 1 month is it true? Also I want to know one thing my wife is in Kuwait on a 3 month visit visa which is valid upto Sept 14, after Sept …

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Notice period is it 26 days or 30 days per month?

I have one question, that I couldn’t find in Law of Labour in the Private Sector No. 6 of 2010. Quoted from your achieve regarding the term of working day in the link: news/payroll-calculation/ “So, while calculating overtime, annual leave and indemnity we take the working days as 26. …

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Does company have rights to terminate because of pregnancy?

I work for a private company which is a wellness centre. I finished my 1 year service with them & still going on. I am planning to have a baby. I handle machines with radio frequency (RF), but once I am pregnant, I cant treat clients with RF as it …

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Driving license for an Mechanical Engineer

I am working in Kuwait as an Assistant Mechanical Engineer since 2012. The salary on work permit is KD 594 and designation Assistant Mechanical Engineer. I would like to know if I am eligible for driving licence in Kuwait or not. Name withheld Answer: To qualify to get a driving …

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Misspelt surname on Residence

My name is Abhijith, nationality Indian, In my iqama in Kuwait the name is misspelled and surname is totally different. Actually my name is only ‘Abhijith’ as per passport but in iqama its written as ‘Abhijth Prahalad’. Will there be any problem at immigration while travelling to India and return …

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Visa trading racket

Hello sir I’m on visa 18 newly arrived in Kuwait. Wherever I get job in any company they are asking me for transferable visa but for new visa I can’t transfer for one year. So let me know if I can transfer any time because I have university degree certificate …

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Low pay contract offer

I had signed a contract with my current employer back in February 2012 and then the employer made me sign another offer which paid less on April 30, 2012 without informing me of the change (basically they picked the offer they wanted me to go with). I completed my 6th …

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Flippant Haris

I have query about Haris asking for akramiya (goodwill) while renting a flat & asking for KD 5 or 10 extra other than rent every month. Last month I took a flat from another Indian family with household items and the Haris also asked for KD 250 akramiya. After bargain …

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Designation change from Computer Engineer to Driver – Will I loose my driving licence?

My driving licence was issued based on the designation ‘computer engineer’. But after getting licence now I got job opportunity in another company and new company didn’t have engineer quota; so they will put my new designation as a driver. Kindly advise if I put my designation as driver will …

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Engineer – Change in designation driving licence cancelled; How to retain licence back?

I have been working as an engineer in a company in Kuwait since July 2016. I got driving licence in May 2017 valid till May 2019. My salary is KD 650. My residency will expire in August 2018. Now my company is renewing it with profession as Sales Officer (Masoul …

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