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Monday , September 23 2019

Legal Clinic

Clinic asking KD 1,500 for release and transfer of a residence for a Nurse

I am a nurse in a clinic, hired from Philippines. Just last month (August) I submitted my 3 months notice of resignation. Next month (October) …

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20 times the salary bank promised loan

I am facing an issue which seems to be some scam from one of the banks in Kuwait. However, I am not sure of it …

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Tinting of car window glasses in Kuwait

With regards to the current law applicable for the tinting of car window glasses in Kuwait, please clarify the exact law applicable. The information circulating …

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Wife visited Kuwait 2 times in a year – After exiting can I apply for visit visa again?

My wife is now in Kuwait on visit visa and next month her visa will expire and she has already come to Kuwait for the …

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Change in designation – Will My Driving License Renewed/Cancelled?

Hello, my license was issued in 2016 and the title is ‘muazzif istakbal’ now i am moving to another company where the title is going …

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Out Of Kuwait – Sent Resignation to Company

I need your advice on my situation with my company. I travelled out of Kuwait on my annual leave and due to some work here …

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Submitted Resignation from immediate effect – Company filed absconding case

I worked in a company from May 2018 to August 2019 but the company transferred my visa in January 2019. Now, I submitted my resignation …

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Bought Visa and Came To Kuwait – Now In A Soup

I had communicated with an agent who assured to help me get a work visa under article 18 if I paid him a large sum …

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Gulf country driving license changing to Kuwait driving license

I am working as a senior supervisor in Kuwait. I hold Oman driving license. I am a postgraduate and my certificates are attested. Kindly advise …

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Coming back to Kuwait on new Visa – Family in Kuwait will it affect their residence?

Am cancelling my project visa this week and going to India. Planning to come in new visa to Kuwait. My son is under my residence. …

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