Wednesday , February 21 2018

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Resignation, release & bank loan

I am an engineering graduate and have been working with a company since July 1, 2006. I had been hired locally as an engineer. I have submitted my resignation on Nov 21, 2017 requesting my last working day as Feb 21, 2018 (3 months notice period) , as per Kuwaiti …

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Driving license for a nurse

I need advice to apply for a driving licence. My designation is ‘personnel officer’, my actual salary is KD 450, but in my work permit only KD 270 is mentioned. With this salary am I eligible to apply for a driving licence in Kuwait? Answer: No, you can’t apply for …

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Applying for Work Visa in Kuwait

Can you please answer my below questions: I was working in Kuwait on 18 visa before 1.5 years back for 2 years. When I left I cancelled my visa. Now I have got an offer from a company. I just want to know that if I apply for work visa …

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Release of Project Visa

I am employed on a project visa (government KOC project) for last 18 months. I would like to know, If i get job offer from another company in Kuwait and my current employers releases me, can i get the transfer. Awaiting for the response. Name withheld Answer: Yes, if your …

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Visit visa extension for wife

I am from India, my wife is in Kuwait for 3 months visit visa. Is it possible to extend my spouse visit visa for 1 or 2 months more? Please let me know if it’s possible, please guide me. Name withheld Answer: No, your wife’s visit visa cannot be extended …

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Salary limit for family visa

What is the new salary limit for family visa, is it still KD 450 or reduced? Reply me please. Name withheld Answer: Minimum salary required to apply for a family visa is KD 450 per month. To the best of our knowledge, this amount hasn’t been reduced or increased.   …

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Documents required to obtain visit visa for parents

Thanks for the Legal Clinic for providing right opinion. I would like to know the documents required for obtaining visit visa for parents. I heard that to get visit visa one of the documents was birth certificate of applicant. Could you please clarify whether birth certificate is a must or …

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Another Visit Visa after 6 months

I am on Kuwait residence visa for past 3 years. My monthly salary is KD 4,500. I recently had my wife and son on family visa for past 2 years but as this was not really required, as they were mostly at home in Indonesia, I cancelled the residence. My …

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