Monday , February 27 2017

Legal Clinic

Indemnity calculation

First of all, thank you very much for your good legal advice. My current company has terminated me. My salary is KD 300. I have completed service 8 years and 9 months service. I have 75 days service left, including the notice period. I also have 21 days unpaid leave. …

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Annual leave calculation

I have already mailed my question but it didn’t get published. Now I want to make sure that my mail reaches you. My question may already be in the pipeline as you may be receiving many questions. Still I want to make sure my query is in right hands. I …

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Driving license withdrawn

I was on engineering visa for a previous company. I have changed my company while my designation on the work permit has been changed to foreman. My license is expiring in December 2016. When I went for renewal of the license, they said that a license had not been issued …

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Transfer problems

I’m new to Kuwait and was working in the private sector until recently. During my probation period, the company decided to cut expenses and terminated me with a release. I found another sponsor and got a transfer paper signed from my old sponsor and also the new sponsor. On the …

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Job Contract clause

I am working as senior accountant for the last couple of years on visa 18 transferable and recently went for an interview and everything went OK. But during the final round, the HR told me they have a company policy where they have put a clause in the job agreement …

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