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Monday , November 19 2018

Fake News

No warning issued: US embassy

  KUWAIT CITY, Nov 15, (KUNA): The United States Embassy in Kuwait denied on Wednesday what has been circulated on social media that it issued warnings about the weather in the country. In a statement to KUNA, the embassy said that what was issued specifically by the consular section is …

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Is this Kuwait Airport during recent rains in Kuwait?

Dear Arab Times This user is spreading news citing the video is from Kuwait, and many people are falling to this fake news can you verify it? (https://www.facebook.com/zia.mustafa.961 )   No, This is not Kuwait Airport – This is old video from Mexico FAKE NEWS When we did search we …

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Did Ministry of Defense send message to fill your car with Petrol?

Dear Arab Times I received below message is it true? A message from the Ministry of Defence, Kuwait. Expecting heavy rains. Please fill up fuel in your car for next few days. Petrol stations will close tonight and will not open til Friday. Answer FAKE NEWS Ministry of Defense doesnt …

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Leishmaniasis in Kuwait – Its FAKE NEWS

Dear Arab Times I recently received this WhatsApp forward. I was unable to find an official source. Kindly verify from your side as well. Answer Above message is Hoax   There has been no statement from Ministry of Health, hence we would suggest stop forwarding such messages as MOI cyber …

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Did this Bridge collapse in Kuwait?

Dear Arab Times Can you please verify if this video if this has happened in Kuwait, as I received on my WhastsApp     Answer False This did not happen in Kuwait but in Jordan.   Please do not forward fake news without checking its source, send it to admin@arabtimesonline.com …

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last moments of the Indonesian plane Lion Air JT610 which crashed along with 188 passengers

Dear Arab Times Can you verify if below video is of  Lion Air JT610 from Indonesia   Answer Its a HOAX   Above video is of JT0600 Jakarta-Jambi flight video said to be an emergency landing at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport Palembang after experiencing technical problems due to cabin …

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Not wearing seat belts or using mobile phone – Cars to be impounded for 2 months from 15 Nov

Listen to this viral Fake News audio on WhatsApp which is going around   Above Audio is FAKE NEWS On 24th Oct Arab Times published an article (Click Here) Up to KD 500 fine for traffic violations In this article it was mentioned reckless driving and performing stunts also include …

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Briton assault clip not true – It did not happen in Kuwait

 KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: The Ahmadi police have denied the authenticity of a video clip circulating in the social media showing a British man assaulting restaurant workers in Mahboula, reports Al-Rai daily. When police went looking for the restaurant in the area, they neither found the restaurant nor any …

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Carton baggage not allowed on Kuwait Airport?

Dear Arab Times , please clarify that carton baggage are allowed or not on Kuwait airport as I am traveling on tomorrow. One of my colleagues told that Kuwait Aviation authorities will not allow as per its post after July 01’2018 onwards.   Please clarify and solution needed. Thanks.   …

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Electric cigarette smoker blasted in 360 mall Kuwait?

Dear Arab Times Is below video true? someone sent me this below video through whats app saying Electric cigarette smoker blasted in 360 mall Kuwait   ANSWER – ITS FAKE  Below is a real story The scene shocked Marjane shoppers in Agadir, Morocco. According to local media in Morocco outlets, a …

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