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Wednesday , September 18 2019


Father-daughter drama in ‘Boundaries’ – Plummer portrays charming and selfish father

We’ve seen him dozens of times before, saying any damn thing that comes into his head (because living on the planet for 70 or 80 …

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Egypt filmmakers defy taboos – Qumra commences in Doha, focuses on nurturing new talents

CAIRO, March 12, (Agencies): Filmmakers in Egypt are defying a largely conservative society with television series and movies that deal with modern relationships between men …

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Fantasy rules in ‘Ready Player One’ – Virtual is clever and spellbinding

In “Ready Player One,” Steven Spielberg’s dizzyingly propulsive virtual-reality fanboy geek-out, Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), a teenager living in a dystopian trailer park in the …

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Riveting exploration of adolescent psychosis in ‘Shock Waves’ – A fact-based story of a veteran French teacher

The schoolroom drama genre is heavily populated with impassioned, benevolent literature teachers who don’t play by the book, looking on as young minds expand and …

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Oscars shine spotlight on Latinos – ‘Is Hollywood Mexican enough?’

NEW YORK, March 10, (Agencies): The 90th annual Academy Awards were, by any definition, a moment of triumph for Latinos. Guillermo del Toro became the …

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Mad rush for power in ‘Stalin’ – ‘I could never reach giddy heights of Trump’

TORONTO, March 10, (Agencies): How different was Stalin-era 1950s Russia to the Washington DC of “Veep”? For “Veep”-creator Armando Iannucci, there were more similarities than …

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Cohen cooks up perfect storm in ‘Heist’ – ‘Creating action film in hurricane a delicious challenge’

This year, the US Federal Reserve will shred an estimated 5.6 billion damaged, out-of-date or just a plain grotty banknotes worth a combined $175 billion …

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Kuwaiti film chosen for La Spezia film fest in Italy – ‘Serb Al-Hamam’ successful

KUWAIT CITY, March 7: The trailer of “Al-Juza’a Khair Al-Mufkood” (The Not- Missing Part) directed by Ahmad Al-Khadari has been chosen as one among the …

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Ava’s unprecedented journey to ‘Time’ – ‘Wrinkle in Time’ looks to lure children

LOS ANGELES, March 7, (Agencies): Ava DuVernay didn’t pick up a camera until the age of 32. It’s an extraordinary fact, considering the trajectories of …

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Mixed reactions in Kosovo to Slobodan Milosevic musical

A musical about the late Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was staged in Kosovo on Tuesday, drawing strong emotions in the nation still reeling from a …

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