Monday , January 22 2018


Syrian artiste eyes fresh start in Paris – ‘Portrait of exile’

LOS ANGELES, Nov 19, (RTRS): Fares Helou was one of Syria’s most celebrated actors when the Arab Spring arrived in Damascus. But once his political beliefs forced him to flee the country, he suddenly found himself playing his most challenging role yet — as an exile in a foreign land. …

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As Egypt targets gays, band reluctantly bears flag – Mashrou’ Leila sees music as a goal in itself

NEW YORK, Nov 18, (AFP): The symbol of solidarity brought a harsh backlash. As Lebanese rockers Mashrou’ Leila played in Cairo, fans hoisted in the air rainbow flags, the global emblem of gay equality. The open-air festival on Sept 22 passed peacefully. But as pictures of the flags spread, Egyptian …

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Brooks on new anthology – Seal opens on ‘Standards’

NEW YORK, Nov 18, (AP): Garth Brooks says he’s happy to share the first of five anthologies he created with his fans while he’s still alive and kicking. “Every artist seems to wait ‘till they’re dead, and I just don’t know how you enjoy that. Or everybody is so old …

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‘Get Out’ a unique Oscar contender – Coming-of-age dramas make mad dash for awards season glory

NEW YORK, Nov 18, (Agencies): The movie year seems destined to conclude the way it essentially began: With everybody talking about “Get Out.” Jordan Peele’s horror sensation is again the subject of debate after it was reported that Universal Pictures submitted the film for Golden Globe Awards consideration as a …

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‘Billboards’ timely portrait of outrage – Performance has made McDormand early front-runner for Oscar

NEW YORK, Nov 15, (Agencies): In “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” or anywhere else, Frances McDormand means business. In Martin McDonaugh’s new film, McDormand plays a woman, Mildred Hayes, consumed with rage because the rape and murder of her teenage daughter has gone unsolved after a year. She embarks on …

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Wonder Woman can’t save ‘Justice League’ – Flash ‘hyper’

It’s hard not to feel a little bad for the DC Comics films at this point. They have the unenviable task having to form an identity in the shadows of the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are usually good and rarely unwatchable, and the continued glow of Christopher …

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‘Justice League’ brightens DC world – ‘Wonder Woman 2’ moved up to Nov 2019

Peace never reigns in the pages of DC Comics. There’s always a world to be saving, a cataclysm to avert. The making of the DC superhero team-up film “Justice League” was hardly any more tranquil. Made in the wake of the disappointment surrounding its predecessor, “Batman v Superman,” and the …

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‘Roman’ wastes Washington – Increasingly predictable

It’s getting close to Oscar season and that means it’s time for an early prediction. Ready? Here goes: The Academy Award for Worst Title of a Motion Picture will surely go to “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” This complex, untidy but ambitious film starring a brilliant Denzel Washington deserves better. At …

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Domestic servitude in India’s sunshine state – ‘Debriefing’ uneven, engaging

CHENNAI, India, Nov 14, (Agencies): When celebrated Indian fashion designer Wendell Rodricks sat down to write his third book, haute couture was not on his mind. He was thinking about his neighbour Rosa — an elderly woman who had lived her life as a poskem — adopted as a child …

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