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Saturday , November 17 2018


Motel’s mysteries in ‘Bad Times’

Johnson to star in ‘John Henry and the Statesmen’ Drew Goddard, the screenwriter-turned-director whose feature debut was the meta-horror film “A Cabin in the Woods”, has laid another movie trap. This time, in the pulpy but artificial thriller “Bad Times at the El Royale”, it’s a motel. And as anyone …

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‘Panama Papers’ a lively and level-headed expose

Documentary highlights increasing dangers of lone-wolf journalism Shell companies. Off-shore accounts. Hidden tax shelters. All in shady countries with lots of palm trees but not much in the way of legal inspection or surveyance. Over the years, many of us have become familiar, at least in theory, with the nuts …

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Late Kuwaiti Al-Muhailan chosen as Personality of 2nd Kuwait Cinema Festival

Festival to focus on national production KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10, (KUNA): The late Kuwaiti media personnel, Abdullah Al-Muhailan, is chosen Personality of the Second Kuwait Cinema Festival due on Oct 15-19 His honoring depicts faithfulness to a generation of Kuwaiti media and artistic figures who have given a lot for …

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‘Star Is Born’ speaks to our time

Movie strikes chord of must-see rapture ‘A Star Is Born’, Bradley Cooper’s justly celebrated remake of the venerable Hollywood romantic fable, starring Cooper as the bad-ol’-boy rock ‘n’ roller Jackson Maine and Lady Gaga as Ally, the ingenuous singer-songwriter he falls for and helps to elevate to pop stardom, is …

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I’m still finding my voice: Stenberg

Art and activism meet in ‘The Hate U Give’ Actress Amandla Stenberg was named after a 1989 Miles Davis album – a lush, African-tinged funk fusion that takes its name from the Zulu and Xhosa word for “power.” In South Africa under apartheid, “amandla” was – and still is – …

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Legendary Arab poet Antara rises as comic book superhero

Story weaves a tale of bravery, slavery, freedom, loyalty and love SHARJAH, UAE, Oct 9, (AFP): In a red cape, dark hair blowing in the wind, he crosses the dunes under a blazing sun: Antara, the famed 6th century Arab poet born a slave, is now a superhero. A pre-Islamic …

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Second Kuwait Cinema Festival from Oct 15-19

20 short, 5 long films to be shown KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Cinema Supervisor at the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) and Director of Kuwait Cinema Festival Fatma Al- Hussinan has announced that the Second Kuwait Cinema Festival will be held from Oct 15-19, reports Al- Rai …

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‘Ten Years Japan’ imagines N-fallout

Women directors drive Japanese omnibus film BUSAN, South Korea, Oct 8, (Agencies): Fears of a future clouded by nuclear fallout and state-sponsored mind control have been captured on film by a group of Japanese directors who were tasked with presenting their visions of where life in their country was headed. …

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‘In Search of Silence’ filmmaker Dar Gai finds home in India

Resurgent Sri Lanka film biz repped in Busan by director Jayasundara LOS ANGELES, Oct 8, (RTRS): Ukrainian filmmaker Dar Gai, whose “Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence” has its world premiere in Busan’s A Window on Asian Cinema strand, has had a fascinating passage to India. The philosophy major spent …

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‘22 July’ powerful film

Must-see docudrama Anders Behring Breivik probably thinks “22 July” is about him. He’s the violent narcissist whose actions are at the heart of the film, but Breivik is really the enigma in its center. No, “22 July” is about everyone other than Breivik – and that is a remarkable cinematic …

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