Monday , February 19 2018


Columnist, critic Nat Hentoff dies aged 91 – Longtime actress York dead

NEW YORK, Jan 8, (Agencies): Nat Hentoff, an eclectic columnist, critic, novelist and agitator dedicated to music, free expression and defying the party line, died Saturday at age 91. His son, Tom Hentoff, said his father died from natural causes at his Manhattan apartment. Schooled in the classics and the …

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AFI honorees toast each other ahead of first awards – Will Hollywood party at Globes?

Is Hollywood in the mood to party? On Sunday, the movie industry will gather for the Golden Globes, which are regularly one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award shows of the year. Champagne will flow. Punchlines will fly. But the tone of this year’s ceremony may be different, and …

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Oscar odds stacked against docus – Streep on her constant search ‘to create myself’

LOS ANGELES, Jan 7, (RTRS): In the nearly 75 years since the Oscars began awarding a documentary feature, no non-fiction filmmaker has ever been nominated for director, despite being eligible for the prize. The most obvious reason is that “directing” seems antithetical to the spirit of nonfiction, which is about …

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‘Award-winning’ actor Om Puri dies aged 66 – Reynolds, Fisher laid to rest

MUMBAI, Jan 7, (Agencies): Om Puri, the acclaimed Indian actor who appeared in hit films including “Gandhi”, “City of Joy” and “East is East”, died Friday after suffering a heart attack. The award-winning character actor, whose career ranged from arthouse Indian films to Hollywood epics, died of a heart attack …

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‘Toni Erdmann’ cringes, sings thru life – Nichols’ ‘Loving’ brings human touch to social issue dramas

 ‘Toni Erdmann’ is a hard film to love, but that might be the point. The German movie from the clearly talented and incisive writer/director Maren Ade seems like it should be a comedy — the lightly plotted character study is about a father trying to introduce some chaos into his …

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‘Land’ not just good, but great – ‘It hooks the heart, eye and the mind’

 ‘La La Land’, in theory, is a movie that needs no explanation. The simplest thing you could call it is “an old-fashioned musical” — which means, of course, that it’s a big colorful splashy cornball swoon of a movie, one that traffics in the kind of billboard emotions (Love! Sadness! …

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Film stokes row over Venezuelan boxing icon ‘El Inca’ – ‘There’s evidence of political element in the banning of the film’

CARACAS, Dec 30, (AFP): On an April morning in 2010, Venezuelan boxing legend Edwin “El Inca” Valero, an undefeated two-time world champion, murdered his wife. Two days later, he took his own life in his prison cell at 28 years old. Now, his violent and troubling story is making headlines …

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11 most underrated flicks of ’16 – ‘Rogue One’ striking it rich

LOS ANGELES, Dec 30, (RTRS): Although 2016 is a record-breaking year in ticket sales at the US box office, that statistic doesn’t tell the whole story. In fact, it’s the best of times and the worst of times at the movies. Big-screen epics like “Rogue One” are striking it rich, …

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