Thursday , September 20 2018


Abu Dhabi Fest honors late AbdulRedha

KUWAIT CITY, March 29: Abu Dhabi Festival 2018 honored the late artiste Abdul Hussein AbdulReda, who was known as ‘Abu Adnan’, reports Al-Seyassah daily. The late artiste’s son, Bashar Abdul Hussein, received the award from the sponsor of Abu Dhabi Culture and Arts Group — Minister of Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan …

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Slick ‘Gemini’ stays surface level – ‘Wilderness’ examines King’s challenging final yrs

Writer-director Aaron Katz’s “Gemini” is a very stylishly executed and well-cast attempt at a Lynchian neo-noir that doesn’t really work. Glum and meandering, the Los Angeles-set mystery about a Hollywood starlet and her assistant starts off promising enough but trudges along aimlessly to a deeply silly and maddening end. Heather …

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Spielberg finds fun in ‘Ready Player One’ – ‘Captain Marvel’ adds Gregg, Hounsou

‘Why can’t we go backward for once?’ wonders the protagonist of “Ready Player One” shortly before gunning his “Back to the Future” DeLorean in reverse. “Really put the pedal to the metal.” Pressing rewind is, if anything, an understandable desire these days. But in today’s reboot, remake-mad movies, it’s not …

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Watts eyes action movie ‘Boss Level’ with Mel Gibson – Goldberg joins Haddish in Perry’s ‘List’

LOS ANGELES, March 27, (RTRS): Naomi Watts is in negotiations to join Frank Grillo and Mel Gibson in the Joe Carnahan action pic “Boss Level,” sources tell Variety. Carnahan is directing from a script penned by the Borey Brothers. Will Sasso is also joining the cast. Grillo will play a …

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‘Edgeland’ invites a deeper listen – Arcade Fire, Mendes win big at Juno Awards

Kim Richey, “Edgeland” (Yep Roc Records) Kim Richey has been winning over critics for years, but music buyers have been slower to catch on. On her eighth album, “Edgeland,” she once again demonstrates the range of her talent. From the delicious opening guitar lick on “The Red Line,” a deceptively …

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‘Black Panther’ saves 1st quarter box office from disaster – ‘Panther’ surpasses ‘Avengers’ as highest-grossing superhero film

LOS ANGELES, March 26, (RTRS): The movie business owes Ryan Coogler and his Marvel team a debt of profound gratitude. Had Coogler and company not pulled off the massive cultural and financial success of “Black Panther,” the industry would be emerging from a long and brutal winter. As it stands, …

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‘Bag of Marbles’ historical drama – Netflix films doesn’t deserve Oscars: Spielberg

LOS ANGELES, March 26, (RTRS): There’s scarcely a scene in “A Bag of Marbles” that you haven’t seen already — but those scenes have worked on most of us before, and if you can put up with the Nutella-thick styling of Christian Duguay’s child’s-eye Holocaust drama, they’ll probably do so …

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Sierra Leone ‘popstar’ songs element of hope – Riot targets Trump

FREETOWN, March 26, (Agencies): For a musician used to receiving personal insults from the president and anonymous death threats with the release of every new single, Emmerson Bockarie laughs a lot. The Sierra Leonean popstar, a thorn in the side of successive governments over his 15-year career, chuckles as he …

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Fifth Harmony, BTS among winners at Kids’ Choice Awards

Saturday morning’s March for Our Lives, organized by students in Parkland, Fla to demand governmental change in the wake of the catastrophic gun violence that has claimed thousands upon thousands of lives, was still very much on the minds of the 15,000 celebrities and guests attending the 2018 Nickelodeon Kids’ …

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‘37’ strikingly well-crafted thriller – Adams in talks to star in ‘True American’

It’s very tempting to describe — but totally unfair to dismiss — Nosipho Dumisa’s “Number 37” as a well-researched master’s thesis by a student of Alfred Hitchcock. Dumisa, an award-winning South African writer-director making her feature filmmaking debut, has brazenly borrowed from “Rear Window” for her scenario about an incapacitated …

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