Thursday , September 20 2018


Actress on directing, stigma of failure

Foster plays strong woman in ‘Artemis’ LOS ANGELES, June 5, (AP): Writer-director Drew Pearce hadn’t even sent out the script for his futuristic, hospital-for-criminals thriller “Hotel Artemis” when Jodie Foster called asking to be part of it. Foster said she’s done that quite a few times: It’s a strategy for …

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‘Solo’ force of darkness for Stars Wars – Ehrenreich not cool enough

Is there a poetic meaning to box-office grosses? That sounds like a silly question, but I’m serious. Is there a value and a karma to the numbers beyond the obvious value, which is that movies need to make money, preferably a lot of it? (They’re too expensive to exist otherwise.) …

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De Palma to ‘create’ Weinstein horror film – Lawyer fights for mogul

LOS ANGELES, June 4, (Agencies): Brian De Palma became a horror movie icon when he helmed “Carrie” in 1976, and now more than 40 years later, he says he is returning to the genre to create a Harvey Weinstein horror film. In a recent interview with French publication Le Parisien, …

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Bentley wants to take fans higher – Warnes back with elegant, heartfelt album

NASHVILLE, Tenn, June 4, (AP): The last time Dierks Bentley made a bluegrass album, it was a chance to regroup after a terrible tour. He had opened for Kenny Chesney twice, in 2004 and 2006, and gained enough confidence thanks to a couple of platinum albums and radio hits to …

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Music just another way to express herself

There’s no place to hide: Johansson NEW YORK, June 3, (AFP): “There’s really no place to hide.” So says Scarlett Johansson, movie maven, Avengers heroine and millionaire Hollywood actress as she contemplates the Time’s Up revolution following the demise of Harvey Weinstein. “It’s quite shocking to see the results of …

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Egyptian TV series sparks wide debate

Author surprised for stir-up KUWAIT CITY, June 3: A scene from the Egyptian TV series “Under Ground” starring Emir Karara with a group of Egyptian and Arab stars and a Turkish actress has sparked wide debate between Cairo and Kuwait, and ignited the social media platforms despite premiering the series …

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A woman vs nature tale in ‘Adrift’

Woodley captivates in a simple story By Jocelyn Noveck Woman vs. nature. It certainly has a ring to it, especially when woman wins. But there are too few such stories in our popular culture, and certainly on our movie screens. Enter “Adrift,” based on the harrowing, real-life story of Tami …

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YouTube beats FB in teen use

NEW YORK, June 2, (AP): YouTube is dominating social media use among teenagers, as Facebook fades from popularity, according to a new survey. A Pew Research Center survey shows that 85% of US teens, ages 13 to 17, use You- Tube, compared with 72 percent for the Facebook-owned Instagram and …

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In ‘Animals’, library heist goes awry

Weaving to star in ‘Lone Wolf’ For anyone who has ever read “Crime and Punishment” and then really wanted to see a frat boy version — Bro-stoyevsky, if you will — your movie has finally arrived. “American Animals” is about a foursome of Kentucky college students — all white kids …

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Woodley ‘finds’ her way by going Adrift

LOS ANGELES, May 30, (Agencies): In October 2016, Shailene Woodley was not paying much attention to work emails. The devoted environmentalist had gone to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and gotten arrested in the process. It’s no wonder that the actress missed an email from a few old Hawaii friends …

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