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‘Captain who led the Kuwaiti ship efficiently, ably and wisely’

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“THE State of Kuwait received the heartbreaking news of the death of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and this news is sad for the Kuwaitis, the Arab and Islamic nations, and the lovers of the Kuwaiti people,” columnist Mubarak Ahmad Al-Arboud wrote for Al-Qabas daily.

“This is because they lost a man who devoted his life in the service of Kuwait since he was a minister and then prime minister and was the nation’s backbone for more than 14 years, Kuwait went through a major economic development, an increase in employees’ salaries, and the establishment of the insolvent fund, which solved many problems for the financially distressed.

“And since His Highness – may God Almighty have mercy on him – remained attached to the Constitution, despite everything that happened during the past years, when matters were more complicated, he resolved issues in a correct and wise manner, and he was a ‘captain’ of the ship, which he led efficiently ably and wisely.

“His Highness – may God Almighty have mercy on him – was able to make Kuwait strong at the diplomatic level in foreign policy, and he was a permanent mediator to heal the rift between the countries in conflict in the Gulf, Arab and international levels.

“Apart from the above what was witnessed by the State of Kuwait since His Highness – we pray to Almighty Allah to bestow his mercy upon him – was either the foreign minister or the prime minister or the Amir of the country and he was honored by the United Nations and bestowed upon him the title of the ‘Leader of Humanity’.

“His Highness – we pray to God Almighty to have mercy on him – was always eager to put Kuwait at the forefront of countries when it comes to helping the poor and afflicted countries in all continents of the world.

“He was committed to resolving the Palestinian issue and supporting Islam and the issues of its people.

“May God have mercy on  His Highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and take him into Paradise with the martyrs and the righteous.

“We pray to God Almighty to bless His Highness the Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and bless him with righteousness and give him wisdom.”


 “The State of Kuwait and the entire world, has lost a wise man, a teacher, and a human being, with the departure of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad – may God have mercy on him and and may his soul rest in peace,” columnist Dr Issa Mohammad Al-Amiri wrote for Al-Rai daily.

“It is needless to say the words seem small not commensurate with the event which shook all the feelings of the people of Kuwait and the Gulf, Arab and international community.

“He is the Amir of the humanity – this title truly expresses the personality of His Highness – may God have mercy on him – particularly in term of his pioneering role as the leader of the action in his capacity ‘The Amir of Humanity’.

“In view of the achievements during his reign, beginning with his assumption of the reins of power in the State of Kuwait, we find despite its short period it is filled with endless achievements and contributions.

“And if I asked any Kuwaiti citizen about the personality of His Highness – may God have mercy on him – everyone would agree that he deserves to be the leader of politics as well as the leader of many sublime humane meanings in addition to his leadership to the humanitarian action.

“The exploits of the leader of humanity – may God have mercy on him – has cast a shadow on every Kuwait house and citizen on every corner on this good land to such an extent these privileges have been transformed into a basic pillar where everybody has started talking about it, and every citizen in the country is proud of the title that has been bestowed on His Highness as the Leader of Humanity to such an extent every citizen feels the title is bestowed on him/her.

“Apart from the above, we would like to point out here the privileges of the Leader of Humanity – we pray to God to bestow his mercy upon him.

“Oh farewell, to the Amir of Humanity and the Leader by all means, you have been always big as we saw you adopting significant attitudes.

“As a matter of fact, the efforts of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah – we pray to Almighty Allah to bestow his mercy upon him — had proved his keenness to boost the Arab-Arab relations and the relations among the various states throughout the world.

“He was also keen to fill the cracks that had surfaced suddenly among some Arab states and this per se gives the impression that something was always gripping his/her mind in the region to such an extent he was always on the move undertaking very difficult missions with help of Almighty Allah.

“In this context, we would like here to say that his efforts – we pray to Almighty Allah to bestow his mercy upon him — towards ingraining peace and safety among the Arab states, did not go waste, rather these efforts will be written in gold on the forefront of both the Arab and Islamic history, and the next generations will remember all these efforts because they are full of humanitarian actions to bring peace to mankind.

“In conclusion, we condole ourselves, the Kuwaiti people, the Arab nation and the Al-Sabah Family on the demise of ‘The Amir of Humanity’. Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.”

– Compiled by Zaki Taleb