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Thursday , April 22 2021

‘Cap’ rescued China, headband choked Kuwait’s economy

FOR how long will chaos prevail if no serious moves are taken to resolve matters which keep on becoming grim every day?

The Kuwaiti advisors can neither provide satisfactory solutions nor offer any benefit to the officials. All they do is present technical reports and constitutional opinions that serve their interests.  They also echo what their employers want to hear, but as soon as they are relieved of their positions, they start attacking the same institution or rather room that they once occupied.

This indicates a lack of self-confidence or a lack of experience. The only loyalty they recognize is the one attached to their interests, because in one way or another, they are part of, or even contribute to, what they are criticizing. This is tantamount to someone who murders a person and then participates in his victim’s funeral.

Based on this fact, the many opinions today regarding the activation of article 106 of the Constitution suggest that the matter is improvised and was not subjected to an in-depth study.

Consequently, those who criticize a purely sovereign order of His Highness the Amir want to distort the truth. They seek to prolong the constitutional vacuum by inflaming the situation further.

In 1986 after the political events in the country, the security breach, and other factors that weakened the prestige of the state, the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad summoned the speaker of the National Assembly at that time Ahmad Al-Saadoun, and said to him, “Tell your colleagues not to push him to do something that he would hate doing.”

It seems the message was not properly conveyed, so His Highness the Amir issued an Amiri order to suspend the Constitution and dissolve the National Assembly for four years. He also ordered the Head of the National Guard Sheikh Salem Al-Ali to close the parliament and prevent anyone from entering it.

Unfortunately, the government did not benefit from the opportunity that had presented itself at that time due to the lack of a rescue program. This is what the current situation looks like.

What we need today is a government that has a clear vision to lift the country out of its deep crisis. It is not shameful to seek foreign expertise, as was the case in the development of the structural plan for Kuwait in 1951, when the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem sought help from foreign consultants – advisors Menoperio, Spensley and McFaren. The result was modern cities, but it also ended in the grabbing of public land.

Same thing happened in the Souk Al-Manakh stock market crash in 1982.The late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad had summoned foreign experts to help solve the problem. Unfortunately, the government did not act according to the opinions put forth by the experts. The Minister of Finance instead came out proudly to say, “The solution is with the Kuwaiti headband”. What he meant by this was that only Kuwaitis can solve it. However, this headband ended up choking people instead of liberating them.

It is unfortunate that it seems the use of foreign expertise has become a shame  at this stage due to the exaggerated selfishness of some officials in depending on Kuwaiti advisors who are actually their friends and cliques at diwaniyas, and because they realize that they will not deviate from the main script, even if such a script has mistakes.

Every concerned person should know that time is ruthless, and the problem is growing. There is no sign of hope on the horizon as long as the situation remains as it is. There is no doubt that the official who runs the executive authority has not moved a finger to deal with the current chaos.

The government is the one to bear direct responsibility because it did not act decisively to confront the crisis, let alone the chaos, which if neglected would render our situation similar to that of Iraq, Lebanon and some Arab countries where institutions weakened when the wave of the Arab Spring erupted, and then fell into a sea of unrest and chaos.

The use of foreign expertise is not a shame. What rescued China was a British expert of Iraqi origin, and today it is an economic superpower.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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