Friday , October 19 2018

Can expat adopt a child of other expat in Kuwait?

Thank you for all legal advice that you have been providing to the Arab Times readers. I would like to know whether an expat in Kuwait can adopt a child of another expat of the same nationality, or an abandoned child under Kuwait law. If yes, what are the steps to be followed?

Name withheld

Answer: Unfortunately, adoption of children is not allowed in Kuwait. This can’t be done by even the Kuwaitis, who can take on children as foster parents but not as parents (not give them their name). They also are not part of any inheritance.

Please also remember that abandoned children are “adopted by the state”. The best way, which is being followed by expatriates, is to adopt children in your own country and then bring them to Kuwait as “your children”. There will be no objection, by Kuwait authorities, if you follow this route.

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