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Burgan Bank dedicates six branches for special needs customers – Lender in full compliance with new banking guidelines set by CBK

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28:  Burgan Bank, a dynamic and progressive financial institution with a firm customer-centric approach, is pleased to announce the activation of a comprehensive plan to accommodate the financial requirements of its special needs customers. Catering to all segments of society, Burgan Bank’s latest offerings ensure a banking experience with improved accessibility and the latest world-class technological applications.

In full compliance with the new banking guidelines set by the Central Bank of Kuwait, Burgan Bank has dedicated six fully-equipped branches across all governorates to enable physically disabled, visually impaired and seniors’ access to tailor-made products and services. Available at convenient locations in Adaliyah, Bayan, Khaitan, Qurain, Riqqa and Al-Qusur, customers can carry out their banking transactions proficiently, independently and with utmost ease. All the six branches are managed by a number of well-trained employees who have been taught to communicate via sign language with those who suffer from sensory disabilities – hearing and speech impairment.

Going well beyond the regulatory requirements, Burgan Bank has played a vital role in pioneering advantageous solutions to vulnerable groups to facilitate access to the full range of financial services and provide world-class services in an inclusive manner. Only recently, Burgan Bank launched the award-winning, ReadSpeaker technology, the first-ever text-to-speech technological solution integrated on its website along with mobile applications to better serve customers with vision-impairment and need for audio interactivity.

Assuring an environment that is conducive to the peace of mind of its special needs customers, Burgan Bank provides accessible safety deposit boxes and credit, debit and prepaid cards that are issued with a picture imprinted of the special need customer. Additionally, account statements can also be printed in Braille language and all ATMs are backed with audio guidance command technology as well as braille key pads to perform their transactions in full privacy. In an effort to safeguard customer safety, Burgan Bank also employed extra security measures inside the ATM rooms.

Burgan Bank’s latest announcement clearly demonstrates its pledge to delivering evolutionary business solutions while strictly adhering to regulatory requirements.  Putting people at the heart of business is the philosophy Burgan Bank is guided by, as it works tirelessly to promote social inclusion and the interest of all communities in which it operates.


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