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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bullet downs ‘drifter’

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: In response to what was published by Al-Rai daily that a police officer working for the General Security Department had shot and killed a young ‘reckless’ motorist with a bullet to the chest in Taima new details of the incident and its motives have surfaced.

According to the security source, the incident occurred at dawn Wednesday. The motorist was stopped by the patrol at this point the young man behind the wheel deliberately collided with the police patrol and the occupants of the vehicle fl ed in different directions but one of them stumbled and fell. The security source said, the two young men who were in the vehicle assaulted the patrolman, so he fired in the air, followed by firing a bullet at the suspects who were on the run and the bullet hit one of them and he fell while the other fled.

After searching the vehicles sachets of drugs were found, a small scale and drug paraphernalia. But in contrast to the security justification for the incident, Al-Rai raises several questions that also need responses and justifications, foremost of which are: Does the crime of scrutiny justify the shooting? Was there a need to pursue the criminals on foot while the fugitives’ car was under the control of Public Security? And last but not the least, why would the securityman risk his life chasing the suspects inside residential areas without support to protect him?

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