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Monday , September 28 2020

Brotherhood’s double standards not strange

LAST WEEK, the Turkish authority decided to start the process of withdrawing the citizenship of 130 people who are Turkish from their fathers and grandfathers.

The decision to withdraw their citizenship is not because they acquired it fraudulently, and not even due to their dual citizenship. The decision is based mainly on not being in good terms with the politics of Turkish President ‘Najmudeen Erdogan’.

Among those whose citizenship is under threat of withdrawal is prominent opposition figure Fethullah Gülen who has been accused of masterminding the failed coup which occurred in mid-June last year – almost a year ago.

Also, there are two MPs from the Republican People’s Party that support the Kurds.

The Turkish style of citizenship withdrawal is followed by a three-month ban on three opposition members from returning to Turkey. It is known that they will be sent to Turkish jails upon their return through captious rulings until destiny emerges.

I am astonished by the ‘cemetery silence’ practiced by the allies of Erdogan, here I mean the Muslim Brotherhood Group. We have not heard any single statement of criticism or protest against the arrest of thousands of Erdogan’s opponents and his policies up to now.

We wish that news on revoking the citizenship of more than a hundred persons from the anti-Erdogan group wakes them up from their administrative slumber. We remind them of their legends and hymns.

Here in Kuwait, the authorities revoked citizenship for legal reasons, because some of them obtained it fraudulently while others had dual citizenship. Others worked against the principles upon which the State is based. Some revolted and continue to do so despite the reinstatement of withdrawn citizenship in exchange for parliamentary political deals for reasons which are still unknown to us — the observers.

But this is not our issue here. Our issue is about the not surprising duality in principled positions practiced daily by those affiliated to the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Gülen has been living in the United States since 1999 to evade judicial arrest, because the authorities that plotted the coup in Turkey in 1997 are looking for him. Reason behind the animosity of the current Turkish authority against Gülen — object of anger — is different from that of the authorities which plotted the 1997 coup. This disparity is strange!

I believe the Turkish authority has broken historical record by arresting 54,000 Turkish people over alleged involvement in the attempt by Gülen to overthrow the government. This is unprecedented! The government also terminated the appointment of 155,000 Turkish workers in various government agencies based on the claim they are followers of Gülen and involved in the coup attempt!!

The campaign is still ongoing, so I was surprised due to the fact that I could not read in ancient and modern history and it never crossed my mind that over 50,000 individuals conspired to achieve such an objective!!! This issue has drawn criticisms from the European Union and allies of Turkey in the West. I do not know the official and factional viewpoints of Turkey Arab allies over the issue!!!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil



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