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Saturday , August 15 2020

Brotherhood edicts can’t rescue Erdogan’s lira

AFTER the June 30, 2013 revolution, edicts from Brotherhood clerics started flowing in torrents and the media orchestra started beating the drum of fiscal war against Egypt only because the people retrieved the country from the claws of rogues.

The only standing phrase for such people is that coup militarizes the economy, meaning any dollar or Euro transferred by the diaspora supports the military which will allow them to step up the force and oppression. At the time, they never ceased to perpetrate incitement, starting from Al-Jazeera to other channels and newspapers within the group’s horizon. They did not end it with Qatar and Turkey, which are regarded as the safe haven for Brotherhood leaders, so they began to create edicts.

The forbiddance in edicts issued by the group — including clerics, leaders and media personalities — dramatically overturned to become lawful. This led to poor political performance of the Turkish Justice and Development Party, which reflected on the economic situation. When the vision of the Ottoman Brotherhood government clashed with the United States vision, the spying allegation transformed into a declaration of war between Ankara and Washington.

For several days now, the issuers of incitement edicts in Egypt, Turkey, Qatar and some GCC countries have been competing among themselves in creating trivial edicts to support the Turkish ‘Islamic State’ financially by liquidating gold and converting hard currencies to lira.

The group has been embroiled in contradictions between the lawful and forbidden — ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ — for more than 80 years as they tried to depict Islam according to their whims rather than how it was revealed by Allah Almighty to the Holy Prophet (PBUH), or even as generally accepted by humans.

What those people are missing is the fact that when Turgut Ozal won the presidential election in 1989, he introduced a long-term economic reform.  He supported it with the slogan, “Zero problem with neighbors,” so this pushed the Turkish economy to advanced levels of production and industries while it opened new markets. This is what put the exchange rate between the US dollar and lira at 1.42 in 2006, which just rose to around 3.11 last year when the region experienced inflation.

Today, when the Brotherhood (including a few Kuwaiti lawmakers), media personalities and seceders who escaped to Ankara, raised the slogan in support of the lira: “To foil the conspiracy against Turkey,” according to them; they pretended to have forgotten that the political and economic conditions in the Middle East and the world reflect negatively on the entire region including Turkey.

It is now glaring that the Turkish government made the issue of ‘American priest in Ottoman shirt’ to cover up political shortcomings within the past months which led to a huge crash in the value of the lira.

In a usually misleading manner, the issue has been depicted as the last straw that broke the camel’s back (United States). This is exactly the case with all countries which felt the effects of political incidents, particularly on the purchasing power of their currencies. It is the same story with Iran which opted to be arrogant in dealing with the world, North Korea and several others.

Therefore, if the Brotherhood Movement turns a blind eye to such a situation and exhibits symptoms of schizophrenia, it means all steps taken by Arab countries, especially Egypt and the GCC countries (excluding Qatar), against the group are in order. This is to ensure the imbecile group does not control those countries by converting them into farms which Ankara and Tehran will control by proxy.  It also means that right is right, so the edicts issued by hypocritical usurpers will never be applicable to Muslims.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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