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Breeding ground for criminals?

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‘Fraudster enjoying facilities behind bars’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: It seems that the Central Prison inmate, who is serving a 10- year term in cases of money laundering and impersonating high-ranking state officials and is accused of committing several frauds from inside his cell is still operating, reports Al-Qabas daily. The last victim of the prisoner was one of Kuwaiti ambassadors abroad. The fraudster claimed he was a representative of a renowned political figure and offered to sell him two plots of land one each in Al- Siddiq area and the other in Al-Wafra area and said 82,000 dinars has to be paid to the Ministry of Justice. After the ambassador paid the money, he found that he had been tricked by the fraudster.

According to information obtained by Al-Qabas, the prisoner used his usual tricks to impersonate well-known personalities, including political leaders and current ministers, using his electronic intelligence to use phone numbers online that match those of officials. Despite being in prison all these years, the prisoner is still enjoying Internet facilities, a laptop and use smart phones that enable him to carry out his operations in full view of the state agencies inside the Central Prison. When the Al-Qabas edition of last Friday gave important details about new operations carried out by the prisoner from inside his prison, and the Ministry of Interior failed to comment on this information. The question is: ‘For how long will the Central Prison remain a breeding ground for some criminals?’

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