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‘Breaking fast in Ramadan for labors working under the sun permissible’

Compensate for missing days later: Preachers

KUWAIT CITY, May 7: A number of preachers explained that “breaking fast during Ramadan for Kuwaitis working under the sun, if fasting will harm them, is permissible;” explaining that “they should have patience first and endure to see if they can stand it, but they should compensate for the missing days later,” reports Al-Rai daily.

In separate statements to the daily, the preachers stressed “at the same time that Islam permits breaking fast by those in diffi- cult situations, it is forbidden to break the fast in the open and it should be in secret as respect for the sanctity of the holy month and taking into consideration the feeling of those who fast there.”

Preacher Hay Al-Hay said: “Allah Almighty excuses those who are in extreme hunger or extreme thirst that fears loss of life. In some cases, a person may lose sight or be severely hurt by hunger or thirst. It is permitted to break the fast if completion of it will lead to death or harm.”

He explained the Islamic Shariah evidence from the Holy Quran and Sunnah are many in permitting a person who suffered from severe exhaustion because of hunger or thirst, because it is in the same consideration with a patient.

This was approved by a number of the most prominent scholars, including Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Baaz. They are allowed to cover what they missed in fasting after Ramadan, but it is not permissible for them to break the fast openly.
Preacher Dr Nazem Al-Masbah pointed out they have to indicate in tention to fast (al-niyyah), start fasting, do their work, and then after that if the fatigue and thirst become unbearable with reasoning that breaking the fast is inevitable, it is at this point they can break the fast and compensate for it after the holy month. Preacher Dr Daghash Al-Ajmi has a different view.

He stressed that it is not permissible for workers to break the fast during Ramadan. He said they have to be patient and endure it, while they can arrange their work according to their religion and perform the fourth pillar of Islam by working at night. He stressed, “The authority, Allah bless them, obliged employers not to engage workers at noon”.

He added it is not permissible to break the fast openly for any reason, as a sign of respect for the sanctity of Ramadan. He stated that even if a person breaks the fast for a legitimate reason such as traveling, it is not permissible to eat openly during Ramadan. “Ramadan fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and is consistent with the Quran, Sunnah and consensus of the Ummah. It is not permissible for a Muslim to break the fast without a legitimate excuse for sickness or travel,” said preacher Dr Muhammad Al-Hamoud Al-Najdi. “It is possible for a person to suffer hardship and hunger during fasting. He should be patient and seek support from Allah. If a person is thirsty during the day in Ramadan, then it is okay to pour water on his head for cooling and to get wet. If thirst causes great harm or fear of death, he may break the fast,” he added. Al-Najdi stressed that “it is not permissible for work and livelihood to be the cause of hardship for him. If he can take leave from work during the month of Ramadan or he can reduce his workload or change it to an easier task, then it is not permissible for him to break the fast.”

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