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Blow to backward forces – Young breath of fresh air

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

In the last parliamentary elections some emerged winners and others losers. In spite of all the disadvantages, these elections have set an example and a perfect model to be followed given our surroundings, and put us on par with freedom and peace-loving nations.

We have warned repeatedly about the involvement and presence of beards and robes in political corridors. It is a well-known fact that politics and religion do not go hand in hand because it doesn’t abide by moral values and sometimes are characterized by pragmatism and opportunism at the expense of permanent principles.

It seems that the glamour of life in the eyes of these religious men is more impressive than the glamour of afterlife. Our forefathers who founded the Constitution of Kuwait were aware of this part and were eager to distance the members of the ruling family from contesting parliamentary elections so that the success or failure of one of them cannot be taken as a result of interference or loss of respect.

So, the men of religion and the extremist Salafis should have distanced themselves from the elections so as not to explain the failure of one of them as a failure of their current, but it is clear that a majority of the two Islamist currents, in addition to the Muslim Brotherhood, have been blinded by their personal interests at the expense of the sublime principles.

How nice it was to see the young candidates, a majority of them in spite of the lack of material resources and political experience, and managed to defeat the seniors and some of them veterans and rich, not to mention the notorious that were at the top of the list.

The victory of the young candidates, alongside with the reformers, is a blow to the forces of backwardness, and this will motivate the formation of a new, strong and capable government.

The success of these young people also proved their enormous influence which they acquired through the social media, which was effective and instrumental in presenting their views, visions and programs to serious voters. It was also very nice to most candidates whom we wished to succeed and represent the people in the National Assembly.

It was unfortunate that the former minister Yaqoub Al-Sane and some of our wonderful female candidates were largely unlucky. However, it gave us pleasure to see Al-Omair, Al-Turaiji, Ma’ayouf, Baqer, Al-Duwaisan, Al-Khannah, and Al-Hamadah losing the elections.

It was also wonderful that Safa’a Al-Hashem succeeded in the elections, in spite of all moves and attempts exerted to bar her from the polls more than once. It was her insistence that she has the right to contest and rightfully she got the mandate from the electorate.

As it was a remarkable achievement because the turnout was seventy percent, in spite of the ‘continued’ boycott of the elections by some of the vital opposition sectors and this is a proof that Kuwaitis are vivid or it is evidence that these sectors are polarized by some.

It is funny that some of the candidates, who we thought were wise and understood the situation, but insisted to contest the election although they knew beforehand that their chances of winning were slim. Now they have exposed themselves and put their reputation at risk.


By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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