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Thursday , August 22 2019

Biography written in blood – Crazy plot behind blasts

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

Is there any link between the explosions that occurred at the Ataturk International Airport and the recent Turkish moves for the restoration of the Turkish-Israeli relations as well as the dramatic mending of the Turkish-Russian relations with talks about offering compensations, even though they were denied later?

Many of the observers believe the speedy declaration of these two political moves especially the one to restore relations with Israel was aimed to meet the conditions expected from Turkey to fulfill in order for it to join the EU.

Mending Turkey’s relations with Israel and Russia can be considered as a great political achievement by the Turkish politicians as a way of taking advantage of the situation of Britain leaving EU.

Even though I am not sure about the link between the two issues, the point worth mentioning is that there were only few hours time gap between the declaration of the two political moves and the explosion at Ataturk International Airport. Nevertheless, assuming that the two issues are linked seems logical. We have to take into account the current boiling situation in the region with its regimes that are writing their biographies using human blood instead of ink.

The recent explosions at the Ataturk International Airport prove that there are major powers in support of terrorism – international powers that are ignoring its acts and regional powers that are patronizing it. Both powers know exactly what should be done and how to deal with terrorism in order to achieve their benefits.

No one, irrespective of their creed, can easily disregard the tragic incident that occurred at Ataturk International Airport. It is evident that controlling these crazy men is based on the agendas of their patrons and their calculated political situations.

Let us not talk about DAESH which is being used to annoy the world. It has been discovered that DAESH is just a tool in the hands of major powers. I also do not suspect the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. This incident definitely has a crazy plot behind it similar to the Paris and Brussels incidents. At the same time, we should not hold the Turkish security authorities responsible for the incident as it is very hard for any authority to stop someone who decides to commit suicide. I greatly doubt that the commentators of this incident were quite conscious. Turkey is definitely targeted especially since it is a major player in the Middle Eastern issues. The explosions and the violence involved have presented clear-cut messages to the concerned authorities.


By Yousef Al-Awad Al-Azmi


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