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Sunday , January 29 2023

Benefits of a search engine

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Sometimes some people call a writer ‘googler’ if he refers to Google in what he writes.

This behavior reflects or rather brings out the hidden ignorance of the people who are unaware of the Google’s treasure trove and what it means to use the unlimited sea of information of great benefit. What gives any article or research its strength depends on the author’s credibility and personal information, and most importantly the sources and references on which he relied on while writing his essay or research, which are found in university libraries, research centers and parliaments.

Today, visiting such places has become a thing of the past after Google, thankfully, despite the mockery made by the ignorant about its greatness, has transcribed the texts of the greatest books, the contents of the greatest libraries, in addition to an unimaginable number of documentaries, interviews, maps, documents and other entertainment materials, and from these entities are the Library of Congress and the British Parliament which contain more than 320 million papers and 65 million books.

Doctors frequently request their patients to undergo radiological examinations, such as X-ray or MRI, which means Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or CT Scan which means Computer Tomography Scan. Often some medical practitioners go too far in their requests, or don’t care about the side effects of these devices on their patients, or don’t care to choose the best screening device for each case.

In this article, I will accurately try to explain the importance of each device to every disease, so that the reader, and even those who mocked me for referring to Google, can avoid or minimize the harmful side effects of these devices. These devices generally help in the diagnosis and help the doctor to prescribe the correct treatment.

X-rays are a test during which the electromagnetic radiation sent by a special radiation device penetrates the tissues of the body, to be reflected on a plate placed behind the body to form the image of the body parts penetrated by the radiation. Exposure to these rays can damage the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the body.

There is also a very slight increase in the risk of developing cancer, causing redness of the skin and hair loss. As for the CT Scan, it is an X-ray examination that provides high-resolution, three-dimensional images of the internal organs in the body, but its side effects are 200 times more harmful than X-rays, and it is dangerous for fetus of a pregnant woman because it exposes the patient to the risk of ionizing radiation that causes cancerous tumors.

As for MRI, it is a recent examination to take pictures without using rays, in which the use of magnetic fields and radio waves is the safest of the three devices. In order to reduce our exposure to harmful radiation, we must ensure that the doctor prescribes the appropriate device for examination. CT Scan is generally suitable for examining bone and cancerous tumors and their development, and internal bleeding. MRI is better and much less dangerous, and it is suitable for detecting joints, brain, chest, blood vessels, disc, internal organs and ligament tears.

In all cases, we must be well aware that the benefits of the examination recommended by the doctor are more the risks we are exposed to. With total ignorance I underwent four CT Scans and this means that I have been exposed to danger 800 times to a X-ray, and I was not warned of the danger of these devices except by Google, thus I concluded now why some people hate it as it reveals the precedent of their “inactivity” and their lies and weird statements and their positions that they abandoned but remained alive in Google. On Christmas Day we extend to all our beloved Christians, citizens, residents and non-residents, the best congratulations and the most beautiful blessings, wishing everyone a blessed and happy New Year.


By Ahmad alsarraf
e-mail: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

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