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Saturday , August 8 2020

Believers … ‘infidels’

RECENTLY, some believers among Egyptian youths killed more than 40 people, majority of them were children and women; whereas the number of injured doubled the number of those murdered in the early days of the month of Ramadan.

At the end of the massacre, the believers among Egyptian youths left a note saying, “May your fast be accepted,” in the tourist bus which was transporting Egyptian Christians who were visiting one of the Christian monasteries.

Then came ‘Salman Al-Obeidi’, their colleague in the non-Islamic ‘takfiri’ bloody bigotry creed, born and raised in the United Kingdom but originally from Libya, who went on to commit suicide  —  to hellfire, an evil abode  —  taking with him scores of children and youths, and leaving behind a lot of injured in one of the theaters in Britain’s city of Manchester during a simple musical concert.

All the killings which have been occurring for years in a devilish manner are destructive, given that they are committed in the name of Islam and the Islamic creed; whereas in reality, actual Islam and its doctrine are totally innocent.

Unfortunately, these atrocities are committed by our brethren in faith without having any official, religious, educational, informative or awareness movement from governments, institutions and religious groups with their diversities to denounce such actions and to spread the spirit of love and coexistence among humans belonging to a different race or religion.

This move which concurs with Chapter 49:13 of the Holy Quran, “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you …”

This is because, the nobility and piousness of these people are the ones that misleading clerics have been propagating in the dark historic era which this nation has gone through, where — unfortunately — millions are living in with twisted awareness which has never had any basis in religion, doctrine or morality.

Meanwhile, as these pseudo-Muslims commit their atrocities, just look at the actions of our brethren — proudly — in humanity, who are being branded as infidels by our brethren in faith.

We will present two incidents in which the heroes are adorned with real spirit of humanity as ordained by Our Creator, not the one advocated by our extremists or their scholars.

Last week, two people were stabbed to death in the city of Portland in the US state of Oregon.  The two were stabbed as they attempted to stop their attacker from bothering two Muslim women who were on board a train in the city.

It all started when the assailant began chanting religious and racist insults towards the two Muslim women, which prompted three men to intervene in a bid to stop the assailant from hurting the two women, and it was when they got stabbed.

Two of them succumbed to their injuries and died while defending people who were complete strangers to them.  But to them, they were fulfilling their sincere conviction and high moral standard in the name of brothers in humanity.

The second incident took place in Munich, Germany; where one of the famous sports club, Bayern Munich, decided to establish a mosque inside the fence of its club for Muslims to practice their religion freely.

This idea was sparked by only one of its players who wanted to perform his daily prayers.  In respect of others’ religion, the club designated a place where its Muslim players, spectators and even visitors could go and perform their obligatory prayers easily and freely.

How excellent and high their morality is, wishing at least for some of it, even if in small pieces, to fall into our blotted out nation; the nation which was described in the Holy Quran as “… the best nation that ever existed among humanity …”

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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