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Tuesday , December 7 2021

Beirut Med Switzerland, not Nasrallah’s Kandahar

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

RESIGNATION of the Lebanese government is not the end; rather it is the beginning.

In this case, the responsibility of the human conscience comes before the national responsibility which forces all officials in power – from the top of the pyramid to the bottom – to stand in front of the truth mirror and say everything they know. This also applies to Hassan Diab, the head of the government.

In addition, all the ministers who participated in the government of “burying the dead”, as referred to by the Lebanese, should swallow their arrogance for a moment in order to expiate for this unforgivable sin. Instead of Diab casting blame on ghosts, he should name the corrupt, the perpetrators and facilitators who enabled this “nuclear bomb” to enter his hometown.

Considering what recently happened in Lebanon and based on historical events, never before had a war destroyed 70,000 housing units and turned a port into smooth plain ground within just a minute.

Therefore, revealing the facts is no longer a matter related to political game, but rather to the conscience of the individual, hence becoming a necessity.

People want to know how the militias and the mafias imposed their decisions. How did the Iranian devilish party prevent the advancement of reforms, the fight against corruption, and detering gangs of pillage and plunder from subduing the Lebanese people?!

It is true that the crisis in Lebanon throughout the past two decades was caused by this terrorist group that violated everything. However, it would not have been able to bully everyone without having someone who colluded with this group to cover its weapons, and in return, cover corruption.

Today the opportunity is available for officials to cleanse themselves from their sins. The popular uprising, which has reignited after this scandalous disaster, is the last chance for the Lebanese to be liberated from the clutches of the mercenary gang that made their country a base for Iranian terrorism in the Mediterranean region.

Whoever thinks that the world will act based on the saying, “Allah forgiveth whatever may have happened in the past” is mistaken.

Rather, it is far from whether Hezbollah filled the port with its smuggled explosives, or facilitated the detonation, or participated in the corruption that is protecting the perpetrators of the crime.

This disaster itself makes everyone, especially the countries bordering the Mediterranean region, to anticipate any terrorist act of this kind, since the sponsor of Hezbollah, i.e. Iran, is challenging the international community with a nuclear project and ballistic missiles, and brags that it is in the scope of a number of capitals, not only in this region, but also in Europe and other regions.

In the past, Saddam Hussein, before he committed his heinous crime in August 1990 against Kuwait, had bragged that he was in possession of weapons that could “burn half of Israel”, and that there were weapons of mass destruction through which he could “bring the enemies to their knees”.

Subsequently, the matter escalated to the point of the coalition forces being advised to prepare 50,000 caskets for their soldiers in the event that their army attacked to liberate Kuwait.

Eventually, Saddam’s forces were defeated and the weapons were never found. In fact, when the coalition forces entered Iraq in 2003, it became clear that the hype was just aimed to intimidate, and he himself could not find shelter to hide apart from a hole located in a remote farm.

Today, the world will not allow Iran, which extends its octopus arms to Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon and leads major networks for drug smuggling and money laundering, to become an international blackmail force.

The sanctions imposed on Iran continues, and we have started seeing the Iranian influence diminish even in several regional arenas, and currently weaken in Lebanon.

Therefore, if the honorable people do not take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of Hassan Nasrallah’s gang, they will remain prisoners of terrorism that will keep on ravaging their country, preventing any reform, and transforming Beirut from the Switzerland of the Mediterranean to Kandahar.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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