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Sunday , February 5 2023

Beauty salon can be sued for hair damage

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You can sue a beauty salon if it ruined your hair, made you bald and caused you enormous loss! I think what is really horrible is that they ask you to pay for hair dyeing service after burning your scalp because they used unsafe products and gave you the color you do not want. It’s not just that. Enormous loss comes when your hair is totally spoiled such that neither oils nor treatments can help bring back its healthy look…

My friend faced a similar situation when she decided to dye her hair blonde with white highlights as it was the trend at the time. Unfortunately, the hair dyeing specialist was not a ‘specialist’! She didn’t know how long she should keep the color on the hair or when to wash it. My friend’s scalp got burned due to excessive usage of chemicals in one hair dyeing session. She lost a lot of hair, up to the extent that she does not want anyone to see it. She is wearing a turban to cover it. She is seeing doctors to treat her scalp because it became very sensitive and red due to the excessive usage of chemicals. She is almost bald. It is very sad.

What is even worse is that she paid more than KD 100 to the beauty salon, thinking she should pay regardless of the result. Here is where she committed a mistake. Beauty salons are not only obliged to exert tremendous efforts and work hard in attending to the customers, they must ensure the result is as promised and as what the customer wants. If a beauty salon offers ‘shades of blonde’ colors, then it should be done exactly as described or shown to customers. Shades of blonde and some brown will not be accepted!!

If beauty salons promised perfect color without chemicals, then they must do so; or else, it is their mistake.

If a beauty salon ruined your hair, you should not pay. You can sue the salon for the damage caused by filing a criminal case at the nearest police station. Once the criminal case is presented to the court, the judge will ask you to go to the Forensic Medicine Department to examine your scalp in order to make sure that what happened to you is due to the dyeing session and you are not framing up the salon. After that, the case file is referred back to the court for the judge to see the forensic medicine report and consider it the main evidence for judgment.

Financial compensation will be granted to you in accordance with the Civil Law once the beauty salon is found guilty.

My friend’s compensation reached KD 15,000 because her medical condition is complicated — it is very difficult to grow her hair back to how it used to be prior to the salon incident.

Please pay attention to your health and be careful who you deal with.

Email: lawyeratyabalshatti@gmail.com

By Atyab Alshatti, Esq.



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