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Sunday , September 27 2020

Bankruptcy of morals

Fend for yourselves

The Parliament TV Channel interviewed a number of educationalists including a secondary stage teacher. I could not catch their names. However, the record is available with me.

However, the teacher addressing the audience said, “Frankly speaking, the certificates which your children have acquired in elementary school were a fake. The certificates acquired by preparatory school students are also a fake. The certificates they will receive at the end of secondary school will also be a fake and they do not deserve them. This applies to the university certificates.”

He added, “I have confirmed my opinion during National Conference for the Development of Education which was organized on the background of the national development of the teacher, where teachers of all faculties of education in Kuwait complained about the low level outputs of the university graduates and secondary schools.”

He continued saying, “This means the (success rate) is very high, but they do not reflect the reality as they are (ballooned) or (inflated) just like money. The evidence is that when it is subjected to international indices and studies, we find that Kuwait is ranked the lowest.”

He said, he teaches Grade 12 students yet sometimes he has to stop teaching the subject in order to explain the meaning and use of proper grammar just like beginners.

On the other hand, a newspaper reported that according to an Egyptian MP that there were about 500 Kuwaitis studying at the Beni Suez University in Egypt.

All of them had passed but none of them had attended the lectures. Most of them spent their time inside cafés and the professors ensured that they passed the exams.

In a petition submitted by a number of MPs, it was characterized by the rudeness of its language and its irrationality. It was sent urgently to the Speaker of the National Assembly demanding a special session as a matter of urgency to adopt a set of laws and serious proposals, such as preventing the Public Institute for Social Security from receiving profits on its loans to the insured individuals.

This means bankruptcy of the institution. The petition included a proposal concerning equivalence of the certificates issued by Dar Al-Quran (House of Quran) to other certificates.

Needless to say, those who signed the request to hold the special session are almost the same MPs who asked the Minister of Education to abolish the mandatory IELTS requirement for students going to study abroad on government scholarship.

These are the same MPs who have opposed the punishment for students caught cheating in exams, who are almost the same MPs who believe that Kuwait is approaching its end and everyone has to manage his affairs before the state goes bankrupt and pack as much as he can!

They do not think about the future of the coming generations. It seems that they say, let education and health go to hell now and forever.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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