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Tuesday , September 21 2021

Bangladeshis MP in Bangladesh, visa traders in Kuwait – Gave costly cars to facilitate business

From cleaning company supervisor to multi-millionaire?

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Surprises galore in the case of the Bangladeshi who is a parliamentarian in his country and is believed to be involved in the visa trade in Kuwait. He is one of the three-man gang sought by the security authorities, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Informed sources said the fugitive Bangladeshi MP is said to have given 5 expensive cars in gifts to senior government officials to facilitate the company he runs to get several government contracts on the strength of which he imported into the country a large number of Bangladeshi workers who are said to have paid huge money to get a job in Kuwait. It is also said he paid for the cars in cash.

The sources said the wife of the Bangladeshi MP is also a member of parliament in Bangladesh. The suspect is said to have transferred most of his wealth to America and has entered into a business partnership with a US citizen.

According to reliable sources the Bangladeshi began work in Kuwait as a supervisor of cleaning workers in one of the major companies and went on to become a partner in the company and managed the company to his liking. Another surprise is that the ‘parliamentarian’ deliberately submitted bids for tenders even though he knew the project would not yield profit. However, the main idea behind was it allowed him to bring into the country Bangladeshi workers for money and in this way he covered the losses by making illegal gains.

The sources said one of the three defendants, who is called (Sultan), although he is currently outside the country still maintains good relations with major company officials, and is still in charge of bringing labor. He receives huge sums of money through intermediaries and the money is deposited in accounts outside Kuwait.

The sources pointed out some of the affected workers have documented video and audio proof to show they paid money to the company’s employees to help them transfer their residence permit to other companies.

The daily added, personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are in the process of summoning those company officials for interrogation after completing the legal procedures. The sources pointed out that investigations with the third defendant, who is identified only as (Tariq), are ongoing to get all details about the persons involved in the scam.

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