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Bangladeshi:‘I’m just a middleman, senior GTD official involved in ‘driving license for cash’ scam’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 23: The Ministry of Interior has announced the arrest of an unidentified Bangladeshi who was allegedly working on behalf of a senior officer from the General Traffic Department and helping expatriates pass the driving test in return for money, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to security sources, the arrest came after an unidentified Egyptian paid the Bangladeshi money to help him pass the driving test, but to his bad luck he did not and as a result he picked up a fight with the Bangladeshi outside the driving test center.

Following the fight both men were arrested by the police and after police interrogation the Bangladeshi was put behind bars for accepting money from the Egyptian to help him pass the driving test. It has been reported the Bangladeshi boasted of having strong relations with GTD officers.

According to sources the mystery of the incident is much deeper because the Bangladeshi is said to have told interrogators that he was just a middleman and worked on behalf of a senior official in the General Traffic Department.

While the investigations with the Bangladeshi were ongoing with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) during which he admitted to helping scores of expatriates to get the driving license through bribe, the Egyptian went into hiding. When the police summoned the Egyptian to hear his part of the story, they discovered the man had already left the country through the Kuwait International Airport.

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