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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Baby Delivery Charges For Expats Increased By 100%

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KD 100 for normal delivery, Caesarean section KD 150, Private room to KD 100 per day

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah, Tuesday approved a decision to increase the delivery (birth) charges for expatriates registered in the health insurance system to be effective as of Nov 9, 2019, reports Al-Rai daily.

The decree stipulates that non-Kuwaiti patients enrolled in the health insurance system should pay a fee of KD 100 for normal delivery, an increase of 100 percent compared to the previous fee of KD 50, and the cost of birth by Caesarean section will cost KD 150.

The decision pointed out that the natural or Caesarean delivery fees include charges for birth and sonar examination and laboratory tests and medicines but the hospital stay (charges for bed) are not included in the fee contrary to what was the case earlier (earlier the cost of stay in the hospital after delivery was included in the KD 50).

The duration of the stay according to the previous decision was 3 nights, and the patient was paying KD 10 for the extra day in the standard rooms and KD 50 in the private room.

The new decision increased the fees for accommodation in the private room to KD 100 per day, an increase of 100 percent. Health sources confirmed to Al-Rai that the decision to increase maternity fees for expatriates was issued after a careful study taking into account the high cost of health services provided by the medical staff and equipment, and also the vast difference in maternity fees between the public and private sectors. The sources pointed out that the maternity cost whether the delivery is normal or through Caesarean section, it is lower than the cost in the private sector.

The sources pointed out the review of fees come with the aim of improving the level and quality of service provided to the patients, which is the top priority for the Ministry of Health.

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