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Tuesday , November 19 2019

Authorities rejected application for dependent visa for 1 yr old son although wife in Kuwait.

Please help … I am working in Kuwait and my salary on work permit is KD 375, my wife is here on dependent visa, the authorities rejected application for the dependent visa for my 1-year-old son, Please is there any option to get dependent visa for my son. Please help me.

Name withheld

Answer: The decision currently in force requiring a father to be earning KD 450 or more to be able to sponsor a family member on dependent visa did not come into force retrospectively. As you wife is here with you on dependent visa, we are surprised the visa application for your one-year-old son was rejected. We are therefore advising that you seek audience with a more senior official and put your case before him and if you are lucky the original decision might be reversed on the grounds of wrong interpretation of the law or a compassionate approach taken of the case with the view not to separate the child from the parents.

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