Wednesday , October 17 2018

Attestation of documents to acquire driving licence

I have a query on the eligibility criteria for applying for a driving licence. My work permit states salary as KD 750 and my designation ‘Technician.’ I have done BSc (Chemistry Hons) but my degree certificate is not attested. Am I eligible to apply for a driving licence or does degree certificate required attestation from which dept.

Name withheld

Answer: All certificates that are intended to be used for the purposes of employment, visa applications, acquisition of driving licence etc must always be attested by the foreign ministry of country of origin, country’s embassy in Kuwait and Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Shuwaikh. With your attested certificate, a salary of KD 750 you will have no problem in applying for a driving licence if at the time of putting in your application you have been a resident of Kuwait for at least two years.

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