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‘Assembly guards authorized to arrest MPs involved in fistfight during session & then refer them to MoI’

Harshest action is to suspend MPs: Feli

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 22: The National Assembly guards are authorized to arrest MPs involved in a fistfight during a session and then refer them to the Interior Ministry just like ordinary citizens as such an act is punishable by law according to the Penal Code, says constitutional expert Dr Muhammad Al-Feli.

Asked about the possible decision of the National Assembly Office regarding the altercation in the parliamentary session on Feb 18, Al-Feli disclosed the harshest action is to suspend the MPs involved in the fight from participating in parliamentary works and committees for some weeks as per Article 89 of the National Assembly Decree.

Al-Feli pointed out the Speaker is in charge of managing the session but he has limited power in terms of imposing punishment on erring MPs, while the harsher penalties like preventing these MPs from participating in parliamentary works should be decided by the Assembly.

He said the National Assembly Office can inform the Public Prosecution about the incident and the latter shall classify the incident as a crime or misdemeanor. He clarified the MPs are granted immunity to protect their opinions in the session or in parliamentary committees.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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