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Asian Air Safari bounce back, overwhelm UNIMONI Exchange

Falcon Int’l Cargo, Swooping Eagles plunge

Asian Air Safari

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 3: Mighty teams collided, Asian Air Safari proved supremacy over UNIMONI Exchange 3,082-2,985, the ‘X’-trikerz outscored GOAN Strikers with the score of 3,004.5-2,826.5 while NUSANTARA continued to rise at the expense of the Swooping Eagles 3,101-2,731 in the third week of the elimination round of the 2019 Philippine Bowling Association, Kuwait 33rd Anniversary Cup – Tenpin Bowling League at the Kuwait Bowling Sporting Club Complex in Salmiya, Kuwait. Other teams that recorded victories against their matches were Al Qassem VS SKARZ (3,184-2,342), IBL Tigers vs N 10 MID8TORS (2,889-2,854), Jordan Elites vs KRAHS (3,144-2,705) Split Happens vs Falcon Int’l Cargo (2,767-2,723). 

Powerful teams Asian Air Safari and UNIMONI Exchange clashed in Lanes 43/44 with both teams having one win-lose record but the latter had an advantage 1,940-1,916 and the third game was the deciding factor. In the first game of the friendly conflict, the UNIMONI team was belligerent and won the game 1,045-969 but on the second game they slowed down that gave Asian Air the chance to win 947-895. In the third game, the game was so intense and both teams wanted to outcast each other, exchanging strikes and spares but the Air Safari proved their supremacy who scored exemplary high 1,141-1,045 and finally grabbed the winning score 3,082-2,985. The 5-man team who blended with their games were Wahab Al Ali (604), Mohammad Karam (591), Bader Al Faraj (584), Mohammad Jassim Abdullah (551) and Neveen Wasel (508) while UNIMONI had Mousa Abdullah (608), Jang Hosiung (566), Rashid Aker Ali (534), Abdul Rahman Kandari (325), Alex Nodalo (319), Ruben Cervantes (188) and Ahmad Fadil Karam (131).

Lucky star of NUSANTARA continued its sparkling to lead in another celebrated victory against Swooping Eagles 3,101-2,731 that resulted to transpose of ranking. The Indonesian team swept the three-game series 965-850, 982-888, 1,129-993 resulting in a bounce from eighth to fifth place. Top pointer was Robert Opena (575), followed by Abdul Rahman Abdullah (528), Tanjing Gantosori (519), Ahmad Fahmi Hussein (483) and Bert Alilay (418) while for Swooping Eagles top scorer was Alonzo Bush (491), Riz Roque (486), Angie Bush (421), Clinton Cathers (316), Benjie Roque (281) and Mona Corpuz (239) and the loss suffered meant the Eagles plunged from fifth to eighth position.

GOAN Strikers gave a good fight before yielding to X-trikerz 2,826.5-3,004.5. In the first game, the X-Men won the game 997-813 and in the second game they tied at 982 points dividing the 25 points (12.5 points each) but still had the advantage (1,919.5-1,807.5). In the final game the GOANs won the game 1,019-988 to lessen the gap. Victorious team high pointer was Jayson Gamba (648), assisted by Ceddie Faa (538), Ronell Valencia (380), Chris Carungay (370), Bima Nitikusumo (257), Joe Presenta (155) and Reygan Percy (128) while GOANs big pointer was Colin Eric Nelson (550), Brian Fernandes (493), Lloyd D’Souza (457), Allan Fernandes (436) and Samantha Fernandes (424).                         

The Jordan Elites showed why they are the team to reckon with and Yousef Waleed proved he is worthy having the two individual best record as the team trampled all over the KRAHS team 954-881, 1,104-923, 1,061-901. Yousef Waleed piloted his team with his 160, 252, 179 (591) and was supported by Ali Arqoub (515), lady bowler Basma Ammar (501), Ali Hikmat (407), Mahmoud Dasthi (390) and Fadi Al Masri (359) while KRAHS bowlers were Rene Marzan (478), Joel Tizon (444), Eden Danan (404), Moises Amahan (338), Eddie Pena (322) and Mar Evangelista (304). With the win-lose results, Jordan Elites remain the top rank while KRAHS crashed from tenth to eleventh place. 

Both members of the ‘Magic 8’, Split Happens surprised the Falcon Int’l Cargo winning the second game (994-906) and losing the first game (835-863) and third game (913-954) but won after the summation of total points (2,742-2,723). Although Split Happens won, they were still ejected in the ‘Magic 8’ while Falcon Cargo managed to stay, falling from second to fourth place. The winning team top scorer was Sulaiman Al Shuaibi (591), assisted by Bader Burbayea (575), Nawaf Al Salman (481), Mohammed Murad (372), Faisal Al Rumaidheen (361) and Mohd Al Subagha (241) while Falcon Cargo players were Melvin Alabado (507), Adolfo Prena (490),  Jhon Narvaza (297), Jess Tolentino (329), Erick Chang (250) and Christine Moreno (404).

Finally, the IBL Tigers intimidated the N 10 MID8TORS in the second and third games 1,012-933, 992-921 although losing the first game 860-1,000, outscoring the latter after the final count 2,864-2,854. IBL Tigers bowlers were Rudolph Castelino (573), Ulysses Menezes (523), Nadine Dias (461), Fatima Sequiera (413) and Jason D’Souza (269) while the losers had Quintin Carter (624), Abdulrazak Abdullah (502), Hussain Adnan (460), Luther Huling (339), Lito Michael (296), Jelyn Colegio (151) and Daryl Armstrong (90). The Al Qassem demolished SKARZ in their 3-game series 3,184-2,342. Fadel Al Qassem top scored with his 210, 265, 203 (678), followed by Hassan Al Qassem (566), Wahab Al Shatti (562), Ayoub Al Shatti (528), Saleh Faraj (351) and Ali Jawli (154) while SKARZ top bowlers were Fatima Fernandes (374), Lionel Mendes (319), Ignatius Fernandes (247) and Melwin Isaac (229). 

The Individual Best Results: In the Individual High Game – Mens’ Class A/O – Fadel Al Qassem of Al Qassem team seized from UNIMONI Exchange’s Mousa Abdullah the High Game (265-259); in Class B – Al Qassem’s Saleh Faraj kept his record high (279); also in Class C – Jordan Elites’ Yousef Waleed bested his old record (203-252); while in Ladies division Class A – Asian Air Safari’s Sonia Mathews held 196 points for Class A and also in Class B – Christine Moreno saved her 197 points. In the Individual High Average, Men’s Class A/O – Mousa Abdullah of UNIMONI up-kept the highest points of 210.7; but in Class B – X-trikerz Jayson Gamba grabbed from Al Qassem Saleh Faraj (199.1-185); also Class C – Jordan Elites’ Yousef Waleed snatched from from Falcon Cargo’s John Narvaza (177.8-172.5) and the Ladies division, Class A – Sonia Mathews kept her 194 points while in Class B – Jessica Balagat of Swooping Eagles retained her 165.2 record.             

Third Week Results: 1. Jordan Elites (9,319) 2. UNIMONI Exchange (8,931); 3. X-trikerz (8,849.5); 4. Falcon Int’l Cargo (8,723); 5. NUSANTARA (8,674); 6. Asian Air Safari (8,649); 7. N 10 MID8TORS (8,614); 8. Swooping Eagles (8,551); 9. Split Happens (8,529); 10. Al Qassem (8,448); 11. KRAHS (8,427); 12. IBL Tigers (8,350); 13. GOAN Strikers (7,751.5) and SKARZ (7,347).

By Franz L.A. Roche

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