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Thursday , January 23 2020

Arrogance of Iran mullahs will end in public disgrace

IF the Iranian toman exchange rate exceeds 100,000 against the US dollar and the buying power of balances in banks evaporates, then the revolutionary slogans and the so-called ‘divine and spirituality’ slogan which the mullah regime raises in its war on the region will start to crumble.  The ‘export of revolution’ will become a plague and curse on the people whose anger is exploding daily across the country.

There will not be any ‘global conspiracy’ according to the theocratic regime which has chosen to be confined in caves of the mediaeval era to isolate itself from reality.

The peacock arrogance that Tehran’s regime is using to deal with events is almost similar, even the details, with the Gaddafi regime when he refused to acknowledge and accept reality and denied that there was a revolution in the early stages of the ‘Arab Spring’.  All the Gaddafi regime’s methods to crush the revolution were in vain until the regime was toppled. Even the late confession of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali to the Tunisian people when he said, “Now I understand you,” prompted him to live in exile.

The situation in Yemen was not any better, but there was a special Gulf care to rescue Ali Abdullah Saleh when the Yemenis revolted against him in 2011.  The Gulf initiative made an exit for him, but he turned against it and took his country into civil war which continues up to this day.

Today, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Muhammad Ali Ja’afari stated, “Iran is not North Korea.  We will not accept the invitation of American President Donald Trump for negotiations.”  Actually, he echoed the statements of Muammar Gaddafi, Nouri Al-Maliki, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Iran wastes its very last chance by repeating the mistake of Saddam Hussein who wasted the last chance given by the United States of America in 1990 during the meeting of James Baker and Tariq Aziz to withdraw from Kuwait.  The Iraqi arrogance led to war which paved way for the Tehran mullahs to sweep Iraq where they planted seeds of sectarianism which later spread all over the region.

The Iranian arrogance paved way for a popular revolution.  The leaders of Iran are repeating the scene of revolution carried out by Muhammad Mussadaq in the 1950s when he staged a coup against the Shah with the help of the ‘Bazar’ or influential traders who were harmed the most by widespread corruption and poverty. The Bazar is also the most damaged today because of the deteriorating value of the Iranian currency – the toman.  This deterioration of the currency increased the number of individuals who are below the poverty line from 56 to 67 percent.  The unemployment rate reached 35 percent, coinciding with the uprising against the regime which started in January 2018.

It is known that the Bazar has the final decision in Iran.  Despite the power of the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij, they cannot do without the traders’ movement.  The traders brought Khameini back to Iran on board a French aircraft chartered by a trader for this purpose.

This time, if the Mullahs disregard the life jacket that Trump has thrown to them, no one will charter airplanes to transport them abroad.  It will be the starving people who will drag them to the streets of Tehran, similar to what they did to a number of senior officials in the Shah regime.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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