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Army man shot by partner

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KUWAIT CITY, July 12, (Agencies): Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Talal Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah expressed condolences over the death of a Kuwaiti serviceman who was shot by one of his colleagues earlier Tuesday. “Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled condemns this regrettable act which runs counter to the values of our conservative Islamic society,” a statement from the Ministry of Defense.

Soon after the incident, the Minister convened a meeting with the leaders of the Military Security Directorate at the Army General Staff to find out the details and circumstances of the incident. He stressed that he is following up in person the probes, being conducted by the Military Security Directorate and the competent authorities at the Ministry of Interior, to know the findings of the investigations and the details and motives of this incident.

“The Kuwaiti army lost one of its loyal sons,” the statement quoted the minister as saying. He issued directives to conduct a comprehensive review of the security and health procedures followed in all army units and camps, and should there be any fail to implement them, the person responsible will be held accountable.

“The safety of the service members is our first priority,” he underscored. The General Staff of the Kuwaiti Army said Tuesday a serviceman was shot dead by his colleague who was immediately referred to interrogations. The competent investigators continue probing the incident, which took place at Al-Mubarakiya camps, to determine all circumstances around it, according to a statement by the General Staff.

The statement called on social media to avoid circulating inaccurate news on such incidents and, instead, seek news from credible official sources, notably the Moral Guidance and Public Relations Dept. Also, the security authorities have taken into custody an unidentified soldier for killing his colleague with a firearm in one of the camps of the Ministry of Defense, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to a statement issued by the Security Media Department of the Ministry of Interior the suspect has been arrested and handed over to the competent authority. An investigation is underway to find out the circumstances of the incident.

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